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Rushed. That’s what the last few weeks have been. I’m on my school’s robotics team, and we’re part of an organization called FIRST. Basically, we have 6 weeks to build a robot, from scratch. This year’s game is sort of like basketball. This weekend was the last weekend of “build season”, and I spent over 55 hours in a warehouse in 5 days! My team-mates are the best, and I would do it all again… but still, I need some downtime! Needless to say, I’m looking forward to sleeping in this weekend.

Knitting-wise, over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on finishing some things up here and there. I’m getting my pattern ready to publish this week as well.

I haven’t forgotten about my Que Sera, I swear! I’m almost done, just the sleeve cap on one sleeve and the neckline left. I’m a bit worried about how much yarn I have left… (On Ravelry here)

I am also still working on baby things for all of our family friends, the latest being a pair of Saartje’s Booties. I can’t believe I haven’t made these before. I just have to weave in the ends and add the buttons.

I’ll be making a few more pair with the leftovers from my Midnight Socks.(On Ravelry here)

I made a simple scarf in Stockinette Stitch. I’m thinking it might end up being for my dad. I love these colours!

I’ve tried blocking it, but it’s still curly. Any suggestions for flattening it out? (On Ravelry here)

I’m Yarn along-ing with Ginny at Small Things today!

Only 2 days until the weekend… Have a great week!


  1. Nice job on the booties – I think you like purple, right? As for the scarf – your photos don’t show the sides – is it all stockinette? If so, that always curls, and I’m not sure you can fix it. Next time, do the first and last stitch or two in each row the knit stitch; in other words, do a little garter stitch edge along the sides next time – garter doesn’t curl.

    How wide is it? Can you sew a seam along the edge, and make it like a long tubular scarf? That might solve the problem. It’s nice looking.

    • The purple… how did you guess?! My Rav name is even Purples…

      Thanks for the advice for the scarf. I knew it would curl, but part of me kept hoping it wouldn’t… I might sew up the edges and have a skinny scarf.

      • I just noticed you’ve been knitting for ten years! So, I feel silly for advising you. But I do want to say that your stitches on the scarf are so lovely – nice and even. Very pretty!

      • Don’t be silly, your advice was very helpful! Thanks for the compliment πŸ™‚

  2. lovely photos ! i love garter stripes…oh it makes me so happy.
    wishing you less rushed days ahead.

    • Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚ I’ve been loving garter stitch lately too!

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