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FO: Robot Hat

I’m on the robotics team at my school, and since one of our teacher mentors also runs the knitting club, there’s a lot of knitting on our team. Each person who joins (eventually) gets a hand-knit hat made by someone for them, and some of them are really neat. I’ve made one with pigtail holes and curly-cues, and mine, which was made by Ms. B, glows in the dark!

This is the 7th hat I’ve made and this one is for M. She lost her first hat when she moved this summer, so this one is a replacement. (On Ravelry here). We’re leaving for a competition this Wednesday, so the hat is just in time!

I also made donut muffins today. They’re baked in mini muffin tins, but they taste just like spiced donuts.

They are the perfect size and were so tasty! The recipe is here.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your hat looks great! And I hoped on over to the link to get that recipe…looks delicious. Thanks for sharing your find.

    • Thanks, they were really good! Everything I’ve made from that website had turned out great.

  2. LOVE the hat. My husband and son may need one…

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