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The cursed socks…

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I started mine off by making some Hot Cross Buns… how very typically Easter! The recipe is from The Pioneer Woman here. While mine weren’t quite as pretty (by the time I iced them it was laaaate…), they did taste good!

I received a lovely skein of Cascade Heritage Hand Painted as a gift in a very pretty blue. This yarn is 75% merino and so soft! (On Ravelry here)

I’ve cast on a pair of socks with it. The pattern is Angee from Cookie A’s Sock Innovation. The pattern and the yarn are lovely, but I’m beginning to think these socks are cursed… I had to cast on three times before I got past the cuff (seriously, ribbing. You would think I’d have figured that one out by now…) and then 6 rows into the set up rounds, I couldn’t figure out why my stitch count was off. Turns out I dropped a stitch and it had fallen about a dozen rows. I’ll bring it back up later tonight (and then we’ll see how far I get before something else happens!). (On Ravelry here)

I also bought a drop spindle at my LYS this weekend. It came with come fibre and I’ve been learning how to spin. My yarn isn’t anywhere near perfect yet, but it’s getting a bit more even. I can’t wait to finish it up so that I can try plying it and knitting it! (On Ravelry here)

Happy Monday!


  1. Your spinning looks a lot better than mine!

    • Haha, thanks… but I’m sure yours is fine. Mine at the beginning is pretty lumpy. I have some white roving too, so I think I might spin that and then dye it light blue, and then ply the blue and the brown together. Because right now, that colour isn’t very happy.

  2. Oh, such pretty yarn! I’m visiting from KCCO, so nice to find you here! I have been thinking of getting a drop spindle too…I was actually given a spinning wheel but I have no clue where to start….I need to start asking around my local yarn shop I guess…it would be so lovely to spin my own yarn! Good luck picking up that stitch 🙂

    • Yep, that’s probably a good idea. Or maybe check if there is a local spinning guild? We have one here and I think they do workshops and demos.

  3. Sarah Sarah

    I just hate it when a project keeps going wrong. I’ll admit that they usually end up in the bottom of the WIP basket or just being wound back onto the ball when that happens – LOVE the yarn though, it’s stunning.

    As for the drop spindle, I’m going to have to try it! I have had one in my Etsy basket for EVER and haven’t bought it yet, but I have a birthday coming up so that might be a good thing to ask for from a relative. Your spinning already looks very even!

    • Thanks! It’s loads of fun… but now I’ll just be buying a lot of fibre and a lot of yarn!

  4. I have also just started spinning and have knit up my first project with my own handspun. It is actually my craft on post today (the grey yarn is my handspun)

  5. I am also learning to spin my own yarn. I can’t wait to knit something with my own yarn. Good spinning!

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