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Almost There

I haven’t made any progress on my blue Angee socks since my last post, because I’ve been wrapping up a few other things. First, I’m almost finished a project that I had set aside for awhile. You might remember it from January, when it was just missing part of a sleeve… I finally finished that sleeve and seamed everything up. I just need to buy some buttons and then it’ll be ready to wear!

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be releasing my new pattern on Saturday. I’m just knitting up another sample so that I can take lots of photos for the final version! Here’s a teaser to tide you over…

I’ll be linking up with Ginny at Small Things today.


  1. Alisa Alisa

    what a gorgeous sweater……and the color is amazing! It loks great on you!!

    • Thanks! I love the colour too… so fun! My sister is actually the one wearing it in the photos, she is so patient to sit through all of the photoshoots that I do!

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