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I took the pictures for this post a few days ago, and then didn’t have any time to post. I wrote Chemistry 3 and English 2 today and I’m writing Physics 1 and 2 tomorrow (IB exams, for any newcomers). I figured I’d better get these photos up tonight so just a quick post before I head off to bed.

The danishes that I was making dough for turned out okay. I need to work on my pastry dough skills because while they were delicious little fruit-filling buns, they weren’t flaky like pastries should be. Oh well, they were still tasty and I’ve got a book with another pastry recipe to try in it.

In the midst of this exam madness, I’ve cast on a baby sweater for my friends K and N. They’re having their second baby in a few weeks and I thought this pattern was adorable. I’ve also got a pattern set aside for their adorable daughter E- I wouldn’t want her to feel left out! (On Ravelry here)

Did you know that there was a super moon last Saturday? The moon gets closer to the earth than it normally does so it can look a bit brighter. The different is pretty much imperceptible to the naked eye, but it was still fun to take full moon pictures!

Have a great end to your week!


  1. I love the colour combination! Sounds like you are super busy -mmm pastries!

    • Thanks! I debated for a while about the colours, I just wasn’t sure about the purple and the green. But now that they’re knit up, I love them.

  2. Your super moon pictures are great! We couldn’t get any pictures here because it was too foggy :(.

    • Oh no! I was worried it was going to be cloudy here, but it cleared up and you could see everything in the sky. Perfect. Thanks!

  3. That pastry looks so delicious! Mmmm, a Danish. What kind of filling did you make?

    And those full moon pictures are awesome! It’s not easy to get those kind of pictures – mine usually wobble during that long exposure. I really need a stand for my camera

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