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Review: Wooly iPhone App

I recently got the chance to try out an iPhone app, Wooly, which is an app designed to work with your existing Ravelry account. As some Ravelers may know, Casey at Rav has released the API to developers so that they can develop Ravelry apps. There are a few different ones which have been popping up, and Casey actually posted about them on the Ravelry homepage recently.

Wooly was developed by two knitters who are also members of Ravelry. There is a Ravelry group here for users of the app, with over 1500 members! Basically, once you download the app, all you need to do is log into your existing Ravelry account and then you will be able to access your projects, stash, and queue through the app.

You can view your entire queue through the app (and if you’re anything like me, well, it’s probably pretty long…) and view the details of each pattern. This would be great if you have a data plan, as you could check how much yarn you need to buy while you’re standing in your LYS.

You can also view your stash, both photos and details. I really like the ability to take photos for both stash and projects directly in the app. You can’t edit your stash entires, but my hope is that this feature might be added later.

You can do the same for your projects, and adding photos to my projects is what I’ve mainly been using the app for. I always use my SLR for final project pictures, but I like being able to add quick iPhone pictures for WIPs. Adding photos is easy, as you can see from adding a photo of my first Solis fingerless glove. You just take the photo:

And then you can edit the photo using either auto-correct features or filters provided. You can also rotate, crop, and all of the other usual photo editing things. You can see the finished photo on my projects page here.

Overall, I really enjoyed using this app and I think it makes good use of the features of Ravelry. It’s certainly easier than opening Ravelry in your web browser! I like the integrated photo features and the seamless photo uploads. I can’t wait to see what updates are added to the app next.

Disclaimer: I was given the Wooly App for free in exchange for providing the developers with feedback on the photography features. I was not asked to write this post nor to provide feedback to anyone but them. All opinions are my own.

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