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FO: Abalone

My friend Jasmyn (Knitter with a Point) made this lovely cardigan earlier this year and, since I’m trying to use up the never-ending-yarn, I made one too. The pattern is Abalone and it is free on Ravlery, which is great, since it’s a gorgeous little cardigan. It’ll be perfect for wearing when it’s warm out like right now. (Really, who am I kidding… it’s way hotter than warm. I was in Toronto yesterday and it was 37 with a humidex of god knows what. I just about melted.)

I used Mill Ends (both colours) and I alternated 2 rows of blue and 8 rows of beige. Otherwise, I knit the pattern as written in the size given.

I love how it turned out, but next time there are a few things I might change (and I might be making this again soon… I’ve had some requests!). I would use kfb instead of m1 for the bottom increases as I found it really difficult to do a m1 on top of a m1 and I would also pick up more stitches (and therefore not slip the stitches) at the bottom- as it is, it looks a bit gathered.

(Rav Link)

I’ll be linking this post up with KCCO and Knit-Along. Thanks for reading!


  1. Your cardigan came out lovely. Not sure what all of your abbreviations mean just yet as I’m just learning knitting but am excited to one day make something as beautiful as this.

    • Thanks! You will probably pick things up as you learn more techniques, but here is a great page with some common abbreviations that might help you out. You will definitely be able to make a card like this before you know it!

  2. Your little top looks very nice – and suitable for those cooler evenings maybe than the warm days. Looks like it would be great for the beach too. Must go check out the pattern.

    Enjoy the knitting.

  3. Looks awesome! I like the skinny stripes, they’re a really nice touch. Great work!

  4. I am a little new to knitting. I am super confused by the s11 when I slip the 11 stitches and then try and m1 I am left with this weird string because of the number of stitches. How do you possible slip stitches without this ugly extra yarn or is this normal I only did 4 rows and each row when I slipped the stitches I had the awkward extra yarn am I doing something wrong I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find what I need!!

    • Hi Kassandra! I think i’ve figured out what your problem is… the instruction is actually to sl1 (slip ONE) stitch, not 11. Because of the font in the pattern, the 1 and the l look really similar, which is super confusing. It took me a minute to figure it out! (The reason the first stitch is slipped is because it creates a neater edge on the fabric).

      I hope this helps and I would love to see a photo of your sweater when you are finished!


  5. I am so confused can you explain to me the best way to slip this many staunchest without the awkward extra yarn? Or how to substitute the slipping out of the pattern.

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