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Another FO and NYC

I’ve finished another project for the Ravellenics, a scarf this time. The pattern is Ginger Rib Scarf and I used some Arcunia Magallenes that has been in my stash for forever. It was slowly on its way to becoming souvenir stash (if you’ve read the Yarn Harlot, you’ll understand!) and I had to use it up fast before I became too attached. I bought it during a trip to Toronto at Romni with my friend E right after we started tenth grade (eek, a surprisingly long time ago!). She bought an identical skein, and we got them from a box hidden somewhere in the basement for something like 8$. I still love the basement yarns at Romni. (Rav link)

I’ve also got some pictures from my New York trip to share. I went for the day with my Dad when we were in PA and it was great.

The most exciting part of the trip, though, was definitely visiting a certain yarn store in NYC, very well-known and they have a fantastic blog. Purl Soho, that is. There is so much great yarn in this (surprisingly small) store, and the staff were lovely. I was so neat to see some of the store samples that I have seen on their blog in person. They also have a lovely quilting and sewing section, but I didn’t browse much there. Since I’ve been thinking about trying quilting, I thought it might be even more dangerous for my wallet. The unfortunate part is that I was so enamoured with the shop and all of the yarn that I completely forgot to take pictures… oops. My Dad did take one (single, cell phone) picture of me checking out and I guess that’s better than nothing!

Yes, I bought more yarn. Even though I’m working through my stash (and doing a pretty good job, might I add), I had birthday money and I figured the trip was a special occasion. I purchased…

1 skein of Brooklyn Tweed LOFT in Homemade Jam. (Rav link)

1 skein of Spud and Chloe Fine in Sidewalk. (Rav link)

While I did buy some yarn, I did exercise a considerable amount of self-restraint around so much pretty yarn.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week! I’ll be linking this post up with yarn-along, KCCO, and KAL Tuesdays.


    • Thanks! It’s really unique, that’s why it caught my eye. It’s in Central Park.

  1. thecraftgarden thecraftgarden

    That yarn worked beautifully for the scarf.

    I’m incredibly jealous of your visit to that yarn store and NYC in general. Lovely photos.

    Thanks for taking part in KAL Tuesday this week

  2. omlair omlair

    you are most definitely allowed to buy yarn on special outings.
    Love the photos of NY – so iconic! I hope to visit one day

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