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Babies and cupcakes

Babies and cupcakes… could there be anything better? A family friend, J, had her first daughter earlier this month and I realized I still hadn’t made anything for her. When the opportunity came up to test this adorable baby sweater, I thought that it would be perfect for P. The pattern is called Little Miss X and it will be available on Ravelry soon, once the test is completed. It is available in sizes preemie- 24 months and I think it will quickly become one of my go-to baby patterns. It is simple yet elegant and interesting. It’s also knit bottom up in one piece, using a technique I’ve never used before, and while it was really neat to see it come together, I still think I prefer top-down seamless sweaters.

The yarn I used has an interesting backstory. It’s a really old version of Patons Astra, purchased by my grandmother in the 1970s. She no longer knits, so she passed it on to me, but given its rather bright shade of pink, I wasn’t sure what to make with it. A baby sweater turned out to be perfect because it is small enough that the “pepto-bismol pink” isn’t too overwhelming.

(Rav link)

My sister and I took advantage of a quiet and cooler afternoon to bake some cupcakes. We needed to use up some peaches so we chose this recipe and I whipped up a batch of this frosting to go with them. I actually added 3 cups of icing sugar to the icing instead of 1 1/2 because it looked too heavy. It turned on perfectly, light and fluffy. I like how these aren’t overwhelmingly peach-y, the taste is subtle yet delicious.

Just some notices about some changes around here:

-You’ll notice I’ve updated the social media links in my sidebar. You can now find LPOAS on Google+ and the RSS on feedburner (as well as the previous links: Twitter, Facebook, Ravelry, and Pinterest).
-I’m slowly making my patterns available on Craftsy (don’t worry, they’re still on Ravelry!). Right now, Fresh Bonnet, Aestas, and Solis are available for download there for the same price as Ravelry.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend!



  1. What a cute sweater and the special yarn! I do not know how to knit, I admire your talent 🙂

    • Thank you! Knitting isn’t actually very hard once you get started… you should give it a try!

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