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Socks and more yarn!

I’ve put my sweater project aside in favour of some simple ribbed socks. The pattern is a free on Ravelry from Glenna C. I finished the first sock last night and cast on the second one… no SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) here! (Rav link)

I also managed to make a trip to Romni Wools a few days ago, one of my favourite yarn shops! I love their basement sale section (it’s big enough that it could be a store on its own!) and I picked up a few things while I was there for my Christmas knitting. (Speaking of, if my Mom or my sister are reading this, stop! You’ll ruin the surprise!) (Rav stash links here, here, and here)

First, this 100% purewool to make some cozy winter socks for my Mum… I was actually thinking of buying some Cascade 220 for this project but then I found this… it was only 3.60$ per ball and there were lots of colours! The yarn is Kertzer Rejuvenation or SMC Northern Wool, I have one ball of each, but they are actually the same yarn which must have been renamed at some point.

I also spotted this colourway of SR Kertzer On Your Toes which reminded me of my sister. I’m not sure what I’ll be making for her with it yet, perhaps the Jaywalker socks or a slouchy hat.

I actually took the next few photos a few weeks ago, before I left home (and when I still had an oven!). These are the carrots from my garden, which I roasted with a glaze. The recipe for the glaze is here.

I’ve got a pattern release coming your way this week, probably on Thursday or Friday. Hoping you all had a great weekend!

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