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All things handmade

I absolutely adore Fall. It’s my favourite time or year and a knitter’s dream season, with crisper, cooler weather that just begs for handknits. Plus, you just can’t beat the beauty of fall colours:

Despite a busy week at school, I managed to check out a club that runs weekly via my university quite near to where I live. It’s a crafting club, and it’s free. Every week you get to make something different, they provide the supplies, and you get tea and cookies… I can’t think of a better club. Crafts, tea, and cookies? It’s like someone designed a club just for me! This week, we made little lavender sachets, and though my hand-sewing skills aren’t quite up to par, I’m rather proud of the teeny tiny stitches in the seams. Plus, it smells fantastic.

Another things about fall is that it really gives me that push to start hurrying along my Christmas knitting. I’m just about finished these cozy socks for my Mum, which will be perfect for wearing inside boots on those crazy cold days when you have to go out and shovel the driveway so you can get places. (Rav link)

Speaking of, I’m starting a new series on my blog called Handmade Holiday, because I’m trying to handmake most, if not all, of my holiday gifts this year. Mostly knitting, obviously, but some other crafty/ DIY things thrown in the mix as well. I have an absurdly long list of people I want to make things for, so I need to get crafting! I was thinking of making this a series that you guys could participate in, sharing your projects for the holidays. If that’s something you’re interested in, leave me a comment and I’ll start working on that!

I’ll be announcing the winner of the giveaway in a few hours, so stayed tuned for that! I’ll still have something special if you didn’t win… Happy Friday!


  1. stacy stacy

    I like the handmade holiday, maybe you could feature some super quick gifts that are easy and take maybe a weekend or less to make for those busy gift knitters. Ornaments or jar recipe type gifts are also cool, maybe gifts for me, and gifts for knitters.

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