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Sharing some snapshots of daily life today. Enjoy.

1- I hate football. I really truly do. But apparently it’s a big thing here.
2- Home sweet home (for the next 8 months, anyway)
3- Late night knitting and movies (That’s my Honey Cowl. Recent favourites include Crazy Stupid Love and The Time Traveler’s Wife.)
4- Quality time with Virgil.
5- I love fall. I can’t even deal with how gorgeous the leaves are here right now.
6- Christmas needlepoint.
7- More fall prettiness.
8- I miss having a big window. And awesome neighbours.
9- I also miss my conservation area.
10- Morning run while home for the weekend. Seriously, could it be any more gorgeous?
11- Homer and bed on a rainy day.

You can follow me on twitter to see more, I generally update throughout the week!

Happy Friday.

life rearranged

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