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In which I have the best family ever.

Briefly interrupting our regular knitting programming today to talk about how awesome my family is (knitting further down this post). I got a package in my mailbox Monday morning, which was a surprise considering I wasn’t expecting anything. I crossed my fingers and hoped that nothing in it was breakable, shoved it into my backpack (my mailbox isn’t in my building) and ran off to English. When I opened it later on that day, I found…

Halloween candy! Chocolate! Almonds!


A few things have been happening on the knitting front. First, I finished up the knitting part of JP’s hogwarts scarf. I still needs to be washed and blocked and I need to add the fringe. I need a big space, pins, and a crochet hook to do those, so it’ll have to wait until I’m home in a few weeks. I’ll do some good pictures then too. Until then, enjoy this dorm room mirror shot! (Rav link)

I’m also making three little hats for little miss E using leftover sock yarn. I’m almost done the first one and it is so cute! The pattern is free here. (Rav link)

Wishing you an evening filled with books and tea! (I’m currently reading Virgil’s The Aneid for my classical literature course. Interesting so far, particularly having read The Odyssey, which was Virgil’s inspiration.

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    • Thanks, the scarf was lots of fun to make, though lots of stockinette stitch!

      Thanks for dropping by… I love finding new blogs via yarn-along, and I love yours. Your kids are adorable!

      Have a great day 🙂

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