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Unscrunching (NaBloPoMo Day 3)

I finished knitting JA’s lace scarf last night (thank goodness for quick projects) and after a quick trip to the dollar store, it’s now blocking. Blocking in a very small dorm room with no blocking supplies certainly required some creativity, but it wasn’t hard! I just picked up a spray bottle and a package of 80 sewing pins at the Dollar Store for a total of 2.26$ (with tax), and pinned it out on folded towels. Cheap and easy, which is great if you’re a student who’s broke and busy!

All finished (but very scrunched):

Pinned and sprayed:

Have a great weekend!

As a personal blogging challenge, I’m writing a blog post every day for the month of November as a part of NaBloPoMo (NAtional BLOg POsting MOnth). This is day 3!

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