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Seven Things

I think I left you guys hanging for a little while there- my apologies! I actually spent almost a week at home and it was so lovely. This week brings 2 tests and 2 paper due dates so there (unfortunately) hasn’t been much time for my little blog. Not to worry, though, a study break today brings time set aside just for some photo editing and some writing for my corner of the internet. So, to sum up my time at home, a list of things that make me happy:

1. Late night reading (on my new hand-me-down iPad!). Currently reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Loving it so far. It’s very innovative and different.

2. Tea. In a teapot. Gosh, do I ever need to buy a teapot for here.

3. Birthdays. (and cake. Who doesn’t like cake?)

4. Finished projects to put in the box for Christmas (Lyrics for Emma).

5. My animals. So much cuteness.

6. Good, good food and family dinners.

7. New designs and good light to shoot them by. So happy with how this one turned out- it should be ready in the next few weeks for you guys.

Hoping you can all find your happy this weekend! Make it a great one!

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