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‘Cause we need a little Christmas

Christmas countdown? 32 days. One month from this Sunday. Isn’t that crazy? I have a week and a half left on classes, followed by a week and a half of exams before I head home for three weeks. Three weeks! Bliss… three weeks of my mom’s cooking, of my dogs and my cats, baking Christmas cookies. I can’t wait. My technique to make time go faster is to do as many Christmassy things as possible. First, in knitting:

Three more dishcloths finished up as gifts. I’m hoping maybe I’ll have time to try making soap when I get home (I don’t have a stove here) so I can give these as gifts to my neighbours. I love this dishcloth pattern- I’ve tried a few others but I always come back to this one. I think I might even have enough to make one more small cloth out of the leftovers of blue and yellow. (Rav link)

A trip to Lettuce Knit yesterday saw me bringing home 2 balls of yarn for Christmas ornaments and one ball to make a scarf for my Dad. I think that aside from the Be Kind hats for all of the neighbourhood kids, the scarf should be the last non-ornament Christmas present. I’ve cast on the scarf and the ornaments will be pretty quick. (Rav link, Stash link)

At craft club this week, we learned how to stud, which is actually pretty fun. You don’t really need any special tools (both of our projects were made using headbands from the dollar store). You just need to buy the little metal studs (which are 2-5$ for a pack of 50) and there is a tool you can use to bend over the little prongs on the back (or a very expensive machine), but honestly, the handle of a spoon works just as well. I made a bracelet for me for practice and then this little set of headbands for my sister O. I really love how these turned out. Next week we’ll be making buttons!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there is hot chocolate to be drunk and paper snowflakes to be hung and Christmas music to be listened to 🙂

I’ll be linking this post up with FO Friday. Have a great weekend (and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Americans)!

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