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17 days to go!

17 days until Christmas! Which means that a little bit of the knitting panic is starting to set in. I still have a few projects left to finish, not to mention taking photos and doing the wrapping and all of that. (And did I mention it’s finals week? Aaahhh…)

But there are many things which I have finished in the past few weeks, so let’s focus on those (so I don’t have a complete breakdown!).

First, I finished making and sent out my Christmas cards for the Ravelry holiday card swap. I’ve already gotten 2 cards back and they are so lovely!


Second, I finished cross stitching these little ornaments. The charts are free from here and I’ll be attaching felt to the back and a little hanger. I am working on a bunch more of these!


Next, some more ornaments (knit this time). These little stockings are so cute! I was able to make 8 of them from only 93 yards of each colour. I just need to attach the hangers to these and then they are ready to be wrapped. (Rav link)


The last craft club meeting of this semester was for making buttons. This was so much fun, especially working the button squisher! I made some for myself and some for JP.



Don’t forget to enter my giveaway before Monday and take advantage of the special pricing for vivacity! Have a great weekend!

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