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Odds and Ends

This weekend has been one of tying up loose ends. Of doing all of those little things that are usually “oh, I’ll do that tomorrow” kind of things. I cleaned out my fridge. Organized my desk. Took down the paper snowflakes in hopes that new decor will somehow encourage the arrival of spring. My sheets are fresh, the laundry has been done (okay, maybe I still have to fold it…), and all of my tea mugs are stain-free. I think perhaps this is in part due to the fact that reading week is next week, which means I’ll be leaving on Friday for a week at home and I really hate coming back to disorder.

In keeping with the “tying up loose ends” theme, I’ve cast on a new project in hopes of using up at least some of my worsted weight stash. I have so many little balls, scraps, and bits left over from various projects that it’s becoming a little ridiculous. I brought some of it back to school with me after New Year’s in hopes of using it up as stripes on hats or anything, really. There’s a bunch more back at home.


Instead, I’ve cast on for the Sock Yarn Blanket (but not in sock yarn). It’s the perfect odds and ends project. Because I’m crazy, I’m not making large worsted squares- I’m making small ones. I cast on 15 stitches for each of them, and they each take only 1-2g of yarn and about 5-10 minutes! They are so addictive. (That’s why I’ve named it the Colourful Blanket of Craziness- you can see it here on Rav.)




Hoping you all had a fantastic weekend. See you Tuesday!


  1. Marny CA Marny CA

    I wonder why you make each square separate and then put them together — instead of making them like entrelac. Hmmmm.

      • Marny CA Marny CA

        Aha!!! Ok … sounds good to me. I’m so behind in doing that’s it ridiculous. Everything is what I want to do – and lots I start and don’t finish. Must be that procrastinator in me.

      • Haha, sounds like me- I have so many projects that I start, set aside, go back to, and end up frogging because I’m no longer interested or lost track of where I was in the pattern!

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