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Those weeks

It has been one of those weeks. After missing pretty much everything last week thanks to the flu, this week was a flurry of trying to catch up without falling further behind. With finals approaching in 3 weeks (wait, what?), it is crunch time. So, after writing this, I will drag myself to the library rather than staying in bed all day in my PJs eating shreddies straight from the box. The conclusion you can draw from this is that I am a responsible adult. Sort of.

The result of having such a crazy week is that I have done almost no knitting. I’ve knit a few squares for the colourful blanket of craziness, and I’m working on some charts for some designs based on a film I saw last night (Stoker- very creepy but incredibly well done). I did go to craft club this week, where we made studded bracelets, so I can share some photos from that.

Get Crafty 14/03/2013

Get Crafty 14/03/2013

Get Crafty 14/03/2013

Get Crafty 14/03/2013

Get Crafty 14/03/2013

On a completely unrelated note, with the impending demise of Google Reader, I’ve transferred all of my stuff over to Bloglovin’. In the process I also did something which makes it possible for you to subscribe to LPOAS over there. Here is a giant button you can click (come on, you know you want to!) to do just that:

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Have a great weekend!


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    Sorry I gave you the flu – G.

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