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On a gloomy Saturday.




It’s definitely no longer early fall… I think it’s been raining every day this week. What else to do but collect up extra blankets and a good book? I also hung some string lights today in anticipation of Christmas… it seems a bit early but I don’t mind. Only 53 days.

Reading: The History Room by Eliza Graham

So far so good… it’s a mystery set in Britain but it’s mostly contemporary, with some flashback-type chapters. Good characters and the plot is just starting to really pick up.

If the weather is as gloomy where you are as it is here, I hope you’re bundled up indoors with a cup of tea and something to read… Happy November!

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  1. I just discovered your site and am in love :D. It was definitely gloomy here in Toronto, and I am just waiting for some snowfall (it is never too early for that right?). And 53 days till Christmas? I need to ramp up my knitting speed 😛

    • Thanks- that’s so sweet of you!
      I’m also waiting for snow… I figure if it’s going to be cold enough and gray enough we might as well have some pretty flakes! Shouldn’t be long now!

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