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I think November tends to be a pretty disregarded month. I mean, it gets cold, and it rains a lot, and everything turns kind of grey. The truth is, though, that November is like autumn’s last hurrah… and winter’s beginnings. I saw a few flakes of snow last night and I know it won’t be long until there are many, many more, so I’m trying to enjoy the few leaves left on the tress while I can.

But once the snow actually starts falling, all bets are off. It’s Christmas from then until the end on December. There are a lot of twinkly lights to hang.


  1. really beautiful photos and I LOVE the overall look and feel of your site! nicely done!

    • Thank you, that is so sweet! I am a self-taught photographer so I mostly just experiment but it’s always a lot of fun!
      I hope you continue reading- have a great weekend!

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