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I’ve been knitting like crazy this week but it’s all gifts for people who read this blog so I can’t show anything here yet! I figured I could at least show you the yarn since you won’t have any idea what it’s becoming or who it’s for.

I can show you my cross stitching, though, since it’s not a gift for anyone. I seem to only cross-stitch around Christmas… at least I always have loads of ornaments. Any guesses as to what I’m stitching? I think it’s pretty obvious at this point, but that could be because I’ve seen the chart!

Speaking of Christmas, I went into a store the other day and the Christmas aisle just attacked me, so of course I had to hang a few decorations! I’m not going to do much decorating at my apartment (I won’t even put up my tiny tree!) because I’m going to be gone for most of December anyway. I figured the ornaments in the window are small and out of the way, so they work nicely. If you celebrate, have you started decorating for the holidays yet? Or are you like my mum who refuses to start decorating until after December 1st?

I’ll be linking this post up with KCCO and Yarn-Along as usual!

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  1. Deb Deb

    I am so envious! I wish I could still cross stitch! Can’t wait to see what you’re knitting.

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