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Socks, socks, and more socks.




Socks are a pretty big part of my knitting plans for 2014. I have a ton of sock yarn stash to use up, and I also got some new winter boots which fit best with thicker (read: handknit) socks. I don’t like wearing socks in general but if I have to wear them, I’d rather they be warm and wooly.

To start off, I’m using of some more of my Patons Kroy Sock from this summer’s tent sale to make the Vanilla Latte pattern. I like this pattern a lot, it’s very easy to memorize and it looks great. I’m about halfway through the foot of the first sock, but it’s only taken me a few days to get that far so these should be off the needles (and on my feet!) soon enough.

(Rav link)

I’m thinking about trying to make a pair of socks every month this year, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to make socks when it’s plus 35 in July!

What are you planning to knit in 2014?

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  1. I pretty much knit only socks during the summer – they are small so it doesn’t get too hot!

    • That’s true, Donna- I guess socks are better than a blanket, haha!

  2. G. G.

    They’re soooo pretty!!

  3. Love the Lattes. Make them all the time! They seem to work well with almost any kind of yarn. Have fun and good luck.

    • This is my first time making them and I wasn’t sure about the variegated yarn, but the pattern works perfectly!

  4. I think you could knit a pair of socks a month! I believe in you. 🙂
    Vanilla Latte is one of my favorite patterns.

    • Thanks Andi! I think I’ll give it a shot… I’m going to try to post photos of each pair before the end of the month too.
      I’d love company if anyone else wants to join me!

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