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2014 Garden updates: April 26th

Clearing the garden bed

Container herbs and radishes

Empty garden

Getting the tools back out

I only posted about my garden a few times last year, and I’d like to post a bit more often this spring and summer as planting gets underway! I’m going to try to post every Saturday or every couple of Saturdays, depending on how fast things are changing.

In the garden this week:

  • Pulling weeds and debris from the past few months and generally tidying the garden bed
  • Taking seed inventory and making planting decisions for this year
  • Seeding potted herbs (chives, cilantro, parsley) and an early crop of radishes in a container (these can be brought indoors on colder nights)
  • Starting greens (mesclun mix) and beans for later transplant into the main bed
  • Hoping for warmer weather soon (our last frost date is May 2nd, but it’s been an especially cold spring and a few nights are still below freezing)

See all of this year’s garden posts here.

Let me know in the comments if you’re planting a garden or any container plants this year… have you started seeding or is it still too cold?


  1. Hubby is changing it up this year and doing some raised beds. We planted seeds inside a few weeks ago. Nothing will actually go in the ground before Memorial Day. Hubby did buy some herbs and tomato plants that we are keeping in the little indoor greenhouses we have. I’ll probably post about all things garden later in the week. Yours is looking lovely so far. I just love fresh herbs!

  2. Planting in my part of Colorado started over a month ago. Beds full of emerging lettuces, spinach, kale and chard, cilanto, broccoli and lots of peas, garlic and onion sets, brussel spouts, celery, radish, carrots and potatoes. This year we started tomatoes, peppers,hot and sweet, basil, poppies and other flowers indoors under florescent lights. We also put some bare root berries of all kinds in..crossing my fingers here. I just bought some perrenial herbs to use in a repurposed wine rack that I am getting ready to post about this week. Lots of gardening fun. Good luck on your garden Kylie!

  3. I love reading about garden updates in spring 🙂 Happy gardening!

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