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In the backyard.


On the deck

Cloud gazing



More mint


I am loving how late it’s light out now that it’s getting to be properly summer! We’ve been spending evenings out on the deck, planning meals and making packing lists for our first camping trip in a few weeks.

This week in the garden :: Spearmint (it seems to have recovered and is spreading quickly), cucumbers, and broccoli. One of the tomato plants has also grown a ton this week and we should have the first few tomatoes in a couple of weeks!

What’s happening in your garden this week?

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  1. Your garden looks great, we really need to get some mint. I was excited to a see the start of a berry on my alpine strawberry plant this week!

  2. Such a pretty garden! I love the longer days as well. Feels like summer!

  3. zingday zingday

    Hi! I’m visiting from SouleMama! You’re pictures are beautiful. You’ve captured an amazing green!

  4. It looks lovely! I do enjoy the later evenings around here as well…but the sun shining through my windows at 4:30am is a little early, even for this morning gal 🙂

  5. I love seeing your photos, they encompass summer weather beautifully :D. I am still amazed by the longer daylight hours!

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