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It’s finally strawberry season here in Ontario! We went to the first day of pick-your-own at Fruition Berry Farm and got 12 litres of amazing berries. I made my first truly successful strawberry rhubarb pie (recipe from Smitten Kitchen)- turns out the secret really is the minute tapioca! It thickens the pie filling superbly. I used the all-butter pastry recipe but did a lattice top instead of a full top. My mum also made up a few batches of strawberry jam.

What are your favourite strawberry recipes? We’ve still got loads left!


  1. It looks absolutely declicious!
    I also made strawberry jam the day before yesterday and foraged wild strawberries yesterday morning!

  2. Mel Mel

    Wow that pie looks perfect! I never got the hang of lattice top. My favorite recipe must be strawberry and rhubarb topped vanilla cheesecake. Yum!

  3. Oh my goodness those look delicious! I really need to go picking!

  4. Have you tried the strawberry rhubarb pie? I want to try to make one so badly, but I’ve never had rhubarb before so I don’t know if I would like it. We like making strawberry syrup (started out as jam but the pectin didn’t take). It makes the perfect drizzle for oatmeal, ice cream, and lemonade.

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