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WIP: Bunny

WIP: Bunny


WIP: Bunny

This week, I’ve been…

Knitting :: A little cream bunny rabbit! I know a few people who are having babies soon and I have seen so many of these adorable stuffed animals, and I think they would make perfect gifts. I’ll pick a softer, machine washable yarn for the ones for the kids, but this is just a test one since it’s the first toy I’ve ever knitted. The plain wool is the gorgeous undyed 2-ply worsted weight from Topsy Farms.
(Rav link)

Reading :: The Backyard Homestead after seeing it recommended by a few different people. This is full of so much useful information! I’m finding the vegetables reference section particularly useful for my garden- it gives basic care info for a huge variety of plants.

What have you been knitting and reading this week?

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  1. Little bunnies seem like a great idea for new babies and it is looking good so far. I am reading ‘The Sea Change’ but can’t remember the author!

  2. What a cute idea! And I love the natural colored yarn. That will make a great baby gift.

  3. Hand knit bunnies are the perfect baby gift!
    I have seen that book too and have it on my list to read, although I’m not sure if it really pertains to my life since I live in the country and garden big.

  4. I have never tried making a knitted bunny, but would like to someday. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Knitting!

  5. You will love the little bunny!! I knit one and it was so fun!! My daughter wants me to knit one for her upcoming baby!!

  6. Ah, I love that book!! It is one of my favorite small plot homesteading references. Your bunny- so fun!

  7. What a sweet gift to give a new baby!

    Hubby and I were talking about the next veggie garden we’d like to create. I’ll definitely have to see if my library has this book when the time comes.

  8. I knit one of those bunnies for my mom for Christmas… they’re so adorable!

  9. i’m so glad i found Ginny’s blog and this feature, so many awesome project! That books sounds just like what i was looking for, so thank you for the idea!

  10. I can’t wait to see your finished bunny – the pattern is so cute! I’ve only ever crocheted toys, so I’m fascinated by knitting them.

  11. Thank you for introducing me to The Backyard Homestead…I just requested it from our library. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I’ve gifted knitted bunnies too. It’s a lovely gift! The Cream color is great!

  13. The bunny should be just lively with that yarn!

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