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On a Friday.

Fruit salad with dinner

Market bag

Drying mint

Curry plant

Evening blogging

I’ll do a proper garden update soon, especially since everything is changing so quickly, but for now, two new happenings- mint harvest and a few new herbs. The spearmint is spreading quite quickly, so I’ve hung some of it to dry. I haven’t had much success with air drying in the past, but there’s so much mint that it was worth another try. I think it would be so nice to be able to make tea from dried mint in the winter months.

The garden centre near our house is selling a lot of discounted plants that have been in the centre for awhile- if you’re willing to pick through to find some healthy plants, there are some lovely herbs for great prices. I picked up some rosemary, pineapple mint, and a plant labelled “curry”. Based on my reading, I’m not sure whether the flowers or leaves will actually be useful for food, but the yellow flowers were just too pretty to leave behind. I also loved the smell of the lemon balm, but I wasn’t sure of its uses- if you grow it, what do you use it for?

What were you up to this Friday?

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