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PJ shorts.





I finished these PJ shorts a few weeks ago but I’ve just gotten to uploading the photos… aren’t they so perfect for summer? I actually started this pair for me, but they’re a bit small, so they’ve become a part of my sister’s PJ collection. The fabric is a cute floral print from my mum’s stash, and the pattern is from Liesl Made.

I’m hoping to do a bit more sewing in the next few months, so I’d love to know- what are your favourite online sources for fabric and notions?

On another note- I haven’t found a site I love for tracking my sewing projects. I’ve added this one on both Craftsy and Kollabora– do any of you use either? Which do you prefer?

Happy Monday!

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  1. Pretty shorts! I don’t sew clothes so can’t help you with a project tracker, sorry.

  2. Glad you made the shorts! (Sorry they ended up too small–a lot of people have been commenting about similar troubles. I’ve added a note to the original post to size up.)

    And thanks for mentioning those sites. I like how Ravelry keeps knitting so organized and always wished there was something similar for sewing.

  3. Love the fabric you used, looks so summery! Sorry they didn’t fit. I knit, so I use Ravelry to add my few sewing projects.

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