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A Winter Walk.

I’ve seen some really lovely videos made by bloggers lately (Liesl’s are some of my favourites), so I decided to give it a try. I took a couple of clips on our walk today, since it seems to be the first significant snowfall of the year! The music in the video is White Winter Hymnal by Birdy.

I’d love your feedback- how do you like seeing videos along with photos?

Also- I’m having my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning so I’ll be away for a few days. Hopefully I’ll be back very soon!


  1. wow, this is really good. i wish we had snow here already (i live on the Welsh coast), it looks so pretty 🙂 i think videos are a great idea, it’s really well put together and certainly very seasonal!

    • Thanks Beth! Crossing my fingers for snow for you soon 🙂

  2. Kylie, this is such a beautiful video! Oh I love that you have so much snow there!

    • Thanks so much! Do you have snow yet?

      • No, only rain here in Belgium 🙁

  3. I vote for more videos! This was so wonderful.

    • Thanks Andi! I’m so glad you liked it 🙂 How is your December going?

  4. I love your video. It’s beautiful! We’ve got tons of snow here, too, but it’s not as pretty after the city has it’s way with it. Walking home was a slippery grey trudge. And is that your dog? Such a cutie!

    • Thanks Brandy! Yeah, snow in the city tends to go grey pretty quickly. I’m at my parents’ place right now and they live in the suburbs, so the snow stays fresh and white… pretty nice for Christmas 🙂 That’s my parents’ dog, he’s pretty cute although also a troublemaker!

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