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26 Books in 2015

(A few books to read this year… Suite Francaise, Solo, The Secret Life of Josephine, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.)

The other day, Lea mentioned a book challenge that she’s doing this year. The challenge was started by Erin, and rather than just a number of books as a goal, the challenge is to read one book for each of 26 assigned prompts.

I’m going to give it a shot! I’ll be mentioning my current reads in my posts as usual, but I’ll also make sure to update this post as I finish the book for each prompt.

Anyone else interested in joining in?

a book you own but haven’t read
a book that was made into a movie

a book you pick solely because of the cover

a book your friend loves

a book published this year
a book by an author you’ve never read before
a book by an author you love
a book at the bottom of your “to-read” pile

a book with a color in the title
a book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit

a book you started but never finished

a book with a lion. a witch. or a wardrobe

a book with a female heroine
a book set in the summer

a book of poems

a book you learned about because of this challenge
a book that will make you smarter

a book with a blue cover

a book you were supposed to read in school. but didn’t
a book “everyone” but you has read (Where’d You Go, Bernadette, by Maria Semple)

a book with a great first line
a book with pictures
a book from the library
 (Meridian, by Alice Walker)
a book you loved … read it again!!

a book that is more than 10 years old (Emil and Karl, by Yankev Glatshteyn)
a book based on a true story (Singing From the Darktime, by S. Weilbach)


  1. Kat Kat

    I’ve been working on reading more this year in general, and this list looks fantastic! I might just have to give it a try 🙂

    • kyliemw kyliemw

      I’m really enjoying the challenge so far, Kat… let me know if you decide to participate, I’d love to hear what you’re reading!

  2. I saw this challenge and it sounds like fun. If I didn’t have so much going on right now, I would totally join in. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else reads! New book suggestions are always awesome.

    • kyliemw kyliemw

      Busy is pretty much the norm here too but I figured 1 book every 2 weeks is about my average anyway, so why not give it a shot.
      I also can’t wait to see what others are reading for the challenge!

  3. This looks like so much fun! I wish I had time to read for fun. :/ I’ll live vicariously through you until that changes. 🙂

    • kyliemw kyliemw

      Thanks Ness!
      I can totally relate to not having time to read… I always wish I had more! One thing I find has really helped is my kindle, because I bring it with me and can read a few pages while waiting for class, or on the subway. It’s still slow reading, but better than no reading at all!

  4. lea lea

    yay so happy you’re joining in!! This is going to be so much fun seeing how everyone interprets the prompts and reads!

    • kyliemw kyliemw

      Thanks for sharing the challenge! I’m excited to participate and see what everyone else is reading!

  5. I like this reading challenge! I’ve found that I’m getting less reading done now but I’ll try to get a few of these prompts finished! I’m reading a book now that fits into one 🙂

    • kyliemw kyliemw

      Thanks Casey!
      I love how the prompts are general enough to fit some of the books I wanted to read anyway! I’d love the hear about the books you’re reading for the prompts to get some ideas for my own challenge.

  6. That’s an interesting list, maybe this might actually be a motivation to get me to read some more again.

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