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Lately, I’ve been…

Knitting // my Aidez cardigan, hoping to finish it before it’s too warm to wear it. (Rav link)

Reading // Suite Francaise by Irène Nemirovsky, for my course on Holocaust literature.

Baking // Scones, check back tomorrow for the recipe!

Loving // Having a kitty around the house to pet and play with. More pictures of her here.

Looking forward to // brunch, rotated between our place and two friends’ places.

Fascinated by // Campbell house, where I helped a friend take some photos for a project.

Working on // my hat and a few extras for Liesl’s Myatery Hat Swap.

What have you been up to lately?

Linking up with Yarn Along.


  1. Great happenings. Your hat progress looks fantastic so far.
    Looking forward to the scone recipe! 🙂

    • kyliemw kyliemw

      Thanks Andi! Hope your hat is also coming along well 🙂

  2. Lovely colour. That photo of the staircase gives me vertigo! And your cat is too cute – made me think of the book Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat with those eyes.

  3. I love scones and cats!
    And your yarn is a beautiful colour – it will make a lovely cardigan!

    • kyliemw kyliemw

      Thanks so much- it’s such a perfect colour for fall… a bit out of season right now, but it’ll be fall again soon enough!

  4. Lots of good stuff. Your cat looks just like mine. Will be back to see the recipe tomorrow….

    • kyliemw kyliemw

      Thanks Donna!
      Indeed- a pretty good week! Hope yours was just as nice.

  5. Someone is going to be a very happy mystery hat recipient – LOVE that colour! Now I’m off to look up more on the Campbell house – what a lovely shot of that staircase, wow 🙂 xo

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