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2015 Garden Updates (#1)






My garden this year is going to be a little different… usually I have that lovely raised bed in my parents’ backyard, but since I’m staying in the city this summer, I’ve got a lot less space to work with. No to worry, though, I’ve read time and time again that balcony gardens can produce way more food than you expect! Since May was crazy with moving and everything else, it’s been a bit of a slow start, but here’s what we’ve got right now:

-Little pots of herbs (dill, parsley, cilantro, chives, and lavender from seed, and spearmint and Italian basil from purchased seedlings)
-A planter of leaf lettuce (Grand Rapids, from seed)
-A planter of spinach (Bloomsdale Longstanding, from seed)
-One of those upside down planters with a cherry tomato plant in it. There were originally two, but the wind the other night proved to be too much for the less sheltered plant. I have no idea if these planters work, but they were recommended in a book and I’d love to make space vertically.

I’ve still got lots of things I’d like to plant, and for now, the next few tasks are replanting that tomato plant, planting carrots, and turning a really big rubbermaid tub that we got off freecycle into a self-watering planter. I think I’m going to put beefsteak tomatoes and pole beans (probably Kentucky wonder again) in it.

In completely unrelated news… is anyone going to the Textile Museum sale tomorrow or Saturday? Tips from anyone who has been in the past? I’m really looking forward to it!

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