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Lately, I’ve been…

Knitting :: The heels in my trenchcoat socks, finally! I love this colourway from Turtlepurl Yarns and I’m so excited to wear them!
(Ravelry link)

Reading :: Food and the City, by Jennifer Cockrall-King. I’m really enjoying this, and I’m ready for essay season to be over so I can have the time to properly delve into it. I’ve learned lots of interesting facts about the food industry – did you know that grocery stores function on a profit margin of less than 1%? That’s part of the reason they keep such little food on site – quick turnaround is a huge part of their business model.

Watching :: Cooked, which is the Michael Pollan series about food that’s currently on Netflix. We just finished the last episode and it was so enjoyable! The content is really interesting, and the filming is really beautiful. It’s full of close-up glamour shots of bread and cheese and chocolate, so I think everyone should watch it.

Wishing :: For the warm weather to bring the return of green to the trees and the parks… I’m ready for a little less grey! And for an end to our apartment search.

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  1. I am going to look up that Cooked series! I watched his documentary and it was good! lovely knitting 🙂

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