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Easter Eggs







Happy Easter Sunday!

To celebrate, some friends and I got together on Friday evening and dyed some hardboiled eggs with food colouring. I love how the colours turned out, and using tape made such fun patterns. I also made some hot cross buns, and generally enjoyed a bit of time off work and school (although I’m still writing papers…).

It’ll be after Easter by the time most of you see this, but in case you want to save it for future reference, I wrote up a tutorial for dyeing eggs with food colouring a few years ago.

I hope you are all having a wonderful long weekend!


  1. Beautiful! I love those springy egg colors! Thank you for sharing, hope your Easter was wonderful!

    • kyliemw kyliemw

      Thanks Kat! My easter was lovely, I was getting over the flu but had a nice, quiet, and productive few days. Hope yours was nice as well 🙂

  2. How cute you dyed eggs with your girlfriends. I peeked at the tutorial; love that window shot. I always forget about Easter and it came earlier this year. But fortunately our neighbor invited the girls to dye eggs with their son and they fun hunting down 57 eggs.

    • kyliemw kyliemw

      Thanks Stefanie! Easter was so early this year – it threw me off too. Glad you and your kids had a nice Easter 🙂

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