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Tea mouse.






A few months ago, the lovely Sarah asked if I wanted to try out her Tea Mouse pattern… since it’s so cute, I had to agree! I was originally planning to keep this tea mouse but now that she’s finished, I have a few people in mind for whom she would make an excellent gift. All the more reason to make another for myself.

I always find toys a bit challenging as detailed seaming and embroidery is not my forte. I always end up staring at the faces of stuffed toys for far too long, debating moving the nose up a smidge or making the eyes a bit bigger. After a couple of attempts, I think I’m pleased with this mouse’s face. I went quite simple, and I think it allows the ears to really be the feature of the face.

I loved choosing fabric for the mouse – you only need a tiny bit, so it’s a perfect use for fabric scraps. I spent awhile sitting comparing different blue floral fabrics, and I’m pleased with the one I settled on. It compliments the yarn colour well and has a small enough print that it isn’t lost on the tiny shapes.

You can see all of the details about my tea mouse on my Ravelry page, and you can find the pattern on Sarah’s page here.

Sarah has kindly offered to give away a copy of the tea mouse pattern to one of you! If you’d like to be entered, please leave a comment below telling me what colour you’d make your tea mouse, and what kind of tea you’d drink while stitching up this quick project! Entries will close at midnight EST on Sunday – please make sure you leave a way to contact you (e-mail, Ravelry, etc.) so I can get in touch if you are the lucky winner.

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  1. Jennifer Jennifer

    Your Tea Mouse is adorable! I think I might make a red mouse and I would be sipping Harney & Sons Tippy Yunnan. Thanks to Sarah for offering to share the pattern to one of us.

  2. Lee Lee

    Oh my goodness! What a sweet little mouse! I love the color you chose and may do something similar if I were to make one. I’d drink any flavor of fruity, Stash herbal tea while doing so! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Emily Emily

    We love the little mousie!!! My daughter wants a blue mouse, and I enjoy loose leaf carrot cake tea.

  4. Beth J Beth J

    Love the mouse my Grandson is obsessed with red right now so red. Black currant is my current favorite tea.
    Thank you
    Biscottibeth on ravelry

  5. Alisa Alisa

    So adorable!!!! My mouse would be purple as that’s my youngest favorite color! I would be sipping citrus tea while stitching!

    • Alisa Alisa

      mommato8 on ravelry….

  6. Adrienne Adrienne

    Adorable! I would make him gray and would sip some yerba mate while I knit 🙂

  7. I have been collecting (non-real) mice since I was 10 years old!! But I’ve never made a knit or crocheted one for myself before. He is so ADORABLE! I love the bright blue you choose – I have some fabric scraps that would be perfect for that color. I usually only drink black tea.

  8. Bonney Bonney

    This is SO cute! I love this shade of blue. I am drinking Stash’s Christmas tea. I bought boxes and boxes of it when it’s available. It’s wonderful!

  9. Cute mouse! I love the bits of fabric in its ears.

  10. It’s gorgeous Kylie! You’ve done such a beautiful job. Thank-you so much for hosting this giveaway! xx

  11. Lee Lee

    Whoops! Forgot to say I’m mamagiff on Ravelry! Thanks!

  12. That is the best kind of mouse! So sweet, Kylie! My yarn stash leftovers has lots of greens in it, so green it would be and lately I have been enjoying iced teas on my porch as the weather has been just perfect for outdoor sitting!

  13. squeak squeak, he is ADORABLE!!!

  14. SO SO cute! I would definitely make a red mouse and would be sipping an Earl Grey.

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