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Pesto time





Midsummer has arrived, and I’m harvesting tons of basil from the garden, which means lots of pesto! We’ve planned to do a bunch and freeze it, but none of it has actually made it to the freezer yet because we’ve been eating it so quickly – on pasta, of course, but also on sandwiches, pizzas, french fries. We’ve mostly been having walnut pesto, because pine nuts are so expensive here, but maybe we’ll splurge and do a batch with them.

I wish it were possible to can pesto in a water bath canner – we’ll end up freezing ours, because I don’t have a pressure canner, but I hate to use up freezer space. I know we’ll want the space later in the year, especially as the holidays approach (we always spread our holiday baking out and freeze everything to try to cut down on the Christmas madness). Any tips on the best way to compactly freeze and store pesto? Cubes are convenient because they’re easy to portion but they take up so much space. I’d love not to have to use ziplock bags too if possible.

Any of you also enjoying pesto as midsummer approaches? Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. I’ve heard of people putting the pesto in ice cube trays, freezing them then popping them out and storing in a plastic bag in the freezer!

    we have basil and I make my pesto with almonds…and now I want some!!!

  2. This post is a great reminder to freeze some! We too are eating it faster than we can freeze it!

  3. The pesto sounds good. I haven’t made that for quite some time and only ate some until yesterday. I found you using it with fries very interesting.

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