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The never-ending heat wave












(Knitting details on Rav, recipe for the pickles posted last year)

I usually love summer… I’m always cold the rest of the year, and summer is the only time of year I can leave the house without a sweater. Plus summer has so many great events, there are picnics in the park, gardening, swimming, camping, and so on. But this year – oh my goodness. The heatwave has been never-ending and I am so warm. We’ve also gotten so little rain and everything is so dry and droopy. We don’t have AC and with the recent temperatures around 40-45 (105-115 fahrenheit) degrees with humidex, I am absolutely melting. I had a booth for Agrestal at the Kingston Sheepdog Trials last weekend, which is my only outdoor event this year. Let’s just say that it’s a good thing we were so close to the shaved ice stand.

I’ve been knitting lots of small things, reading lots of books, and eating lots of fresh, no-cooking-required food. Unfortunately the canning has to get done, even in the heat wave, so I’ve been trying to do everything in the evenings when it’s a bit less warm. I’ve done dilly beans and lots of dill cucumber pickles so far. The tomatoes are coming out of the garden pretty quickly now so soon it will be time for canned tomatoes, salsa, pasta sauce, and ketchup.

Are you also stuck in this heat wave? Any secret ways to keep cool?

P.S. As I’m writing this, funnily enough, a huge storm has rolled in out of nowhere, with lots of rain and wind! Thank goodness. (Now we just have to hope that everything doesn’t flood!)

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  1. Totally melting, too! It’s been so hot and humid that it’s hard to knit anything at all. I’m sitting here just basking in the cool breeze finally blowing through the window. Keep cool!

  2. hope the rain is helping you! We’ve had some pretty terrible heat here too but quite a bit of rain and storms as well luckily.

  3. I’m from San Francisco that is known for fog. We moved east so now the summer is actually summer. This past weekend we had 90’s, otherwise we get 80’s. 70’s are rare. We won’t pay for AC but we had a whole house fan installed. We open windows and turn it on once it’s 5 o’clock when the wind kicks up. It sucks up the hot air into the attic and sucks in the cold air from outside.

  4. Your pictures are amazing! I loved your post but the pictures took my breath away!

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