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Rhinbeck 2016 (part 2, the sweater and the yarn)










Aidez was my Rhinebeck sweater this year, and I am so pleased with how it turned out! I started this cardigan several years ago, and had finished the back when I set it aside. Since it’s such a perfect fall colour, I pulled it back out when we were first planning our Rhinebeck trip. Once I was working on it solidly, it was a pretty quick knit – the cable patterns are pretty easy to memorize, and similar ones are used on the fronts and sleeves. The yarn is Cascade Eco + in Cinnamon. I’m a bit worried about pilling since it’s a pretty softly spun yarn, but it is very soft and warm. I’m happy with the fit as well – I made the medium as written, and it’s nice and long, with sleeves that are just the right length.
(Rav link)

As for my Rhinebeck purchases, I think I did a reasonably good job of not buying everything (and even stayed under budget!). I got a few skeins of sock yarn (from Neighborhood Fiber Company, Into The Whirled, and O-Wool) – the first two were impulse purchases, and the O-Wool is for a shawl for which I already have a contrast colour. The Into The Whirled yarn is in their “Rhinebeck” colourway which is really pretty and I thought made for a nice souvenir – they did a really great job of reproducing the fall colours. I also got a sweater quantity of DK weight 60% merino, 40% romney in a natural grey from Battenkill Fibers, which I think I’ll be using to make the Shore Cardigan from Swoon Maine. I am really excited to work with this yarn – it’s really soft and squishy, and this booth is already on my list to return to next year!

(Thanks to Jasmyn for taking the sweater photos!)


  1. What a stunning cardigan! I bet you got lots of stares and questions about it at Rhinebeck.

  2. Beautiful cardigan! It turned out so perfectly! I love the color and it looks grand on you! Nice restraint at Rhinebeck as well – there should be an award for that!

  3. gorgeous you! gorgeous sweater!!

  4. Your Aidez is gorgeous! Another pattern that I’ve knit — I love mine and wear it all the time. I used Cascade Eco+ too and have had some pilling at first, but it settled down. Every once in a while I depill the areas that see the most wear. Best thing I’ve made for myself, and I really want to find another pattern that’s just as cozy and wearable.

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