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With confidence and hope







So much of the last few days has me at a loss for words. So, today, three things:

1. Canadians, please call your representatives. Ask them what they will be doing to help refugees who can no longer seek asylum in the US. Email them, send them letters. Let them know that this is not okay.

2. I can still make Pussy Hats – if you are planning to go to a protest and would like one to wear, please let me know. I will make and mail as many as I can.

3. In the words of Elizabeth Zimmerman – Knit on, with confidence and hope, though all crises.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with regularily scheduled knitting posts. In the meantime, keep spreading kindness.


  1. bobbi hatton bobbi hatton

    please know we in America are fighting too- calling and mailing our senators and congressmen/women to keep our borders open and to welcome refugees from all parts of the world – today my knitting has brought me a small measure of peace- thank you for fighting too.

  2. What a wonderful message! I’m right behind you!
    I live in Belgium (Europe), we have kind of the same problems with our government at the moment, but I don’t understand Trump either!
    Lots of support,
    PS: You’ve got lovely cats <3 🙂

  3. So glad to be in the fight for humanity with you.

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