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Easter Eggs







Happy Easter Sunday!

To celebrate, some friends and I got together on Friday evening and dyed some hardboiled eggs with food colouring. I love how the colours turned out, and using tape made such fun patterns. I also made some hot cross buns, and generally enjoyed a bit of time off work and school (although I’m still writing papers…).

It’ll be after Easter by the time most of you see this, but in case you want to save it for future reference, I wrote up a tutorial for dyeing eggs with food colouring a few years ago.

I hope you are all having a wonderful long weekend!


Natural Dyeing.






As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve been gathering supplies for awhile to try out natural dyeing! As you can see above, my first attempt was pretty successful.

I dyed 10 mini skeins in total (20g, about 40-50 yards each). I mordanted all 10 skeins using alum and cream of tartar (7g of alum and 6g of cream of tartar per 100g of yarn) by simmering them in a big pot for 1 hour.

I dyed 5 of the skeins in simmering dye baths for 1 hour, using dyes made from onion skins, turmeric, frozen spinach, avocado pits (smashed open) and black beans (soaked for 12 hours). For the remaining 5 skeins, I drained off the leftover dye from each pot into jars and put one skein into each jar. I let them sit for 72 hours and they’re drying now.

Fortunately, the skeins dyed in a hot dye bath are well dried, so you can see the colours! I love the bright yellows from the turmeric and onion skins, and pink from avocado is so unexpected. The only dye that didn’t really take was the spinach- I think perhaps vegetable dyes might take better to fibre mordanted in vinegar. Maybe I’ll give it a shot, although I’ve heard it makes your house smell awful.

If you’d like to give it a try, here are a few of my favourite resources:
Liesl’s posts on natural dyeing
The Modern Farmer guide to natural dyeing
Kate’s very instructive post on dyeing
Kate’s tumblr posts of her dyeing experiments
C├ęcile’s natural dyeing posts

Have you ever dyed yarn? What are your favourite natural dyes?


Not enough bags.

If you haven’t already seen the name change announcement and updated your subscriptions, please see yesterday’s post here.







I whipped up another quick project bag using Shannon’s tutorial at the end of the Christmas break, because I never seem to have enough bags for all of the projects I’m working on. The fabric is from my mum’s stash- isn’t that bottom print so pretty?

And what better to go in a new project bag than a new project? I needed something really simple to work on after so many weeks of intense Christmas knitting, so I cast on a pair of plain vanilla socks using some leftover yarn from a Christmas gift (pictures of the gift to come later!). I added a couple of grey stripes at the top for interest.
(Rav link)

What’s your favourite project bag pattern or shop? I’m always on the lookout for new ones!

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PJ shorts.





I finished these PJ shorts a few weeks ago but I’ve just gotten to uploading the photos… aren’t they so perfect for summer? I actually started this pair for me, but they’re a bit small, so they’ve become a part of my sister’s PJ collection. The fabric is a cute floral print from my mum’s stash, and the pattern is from Liesl Made.

I’m hoping to do a bit more sewing in the next few months, so I’d love to know- what are your favourite online sources for fabric and notions?

On another note- I haven’t found a site I love for tracking my sewing projects. I’ve added this one on both Craftsy and Kollabora– do any of you use either? Which do you prefer?

Happy Monday!

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More projects than bags.






I seem to always have more knitting projects on my needles than I have project bags to store them in… which explains all of the tangled yarn in my bags! I’ve also been wanting to sew a bit more, and bags are the perfect quick sewing project. I stitched up this project bag this week using Shannon’s tutorial and some fabric from my mum’s stash. I love that it’s on the smaller side, so it’s perfect for one or two skein projects!

Inside the bag is, of course, my current knitting project… my Hitofude cardigan! I’m still working through this pretty slowly, but I’m nearly done the first body section. Hopefully I can get to starting the sleeves this week.
(Rav link)

What have you been knitting and sewing?

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Chevron quilt progress.

Sewing the chevron quilt

Sewing the chevron quilt

Sewing the chevron quilt

Chevron quilt pieces

I’m still working on my chevron quilt that I mentioned a few weeks ago! I’ve gotten all of the squares cut out and sewn, and this week I’ve been sewing them into strips. I’ve been using Laura’s chevron quilt tutorial.

This is my first quilt and I think it’s going well so far. The cutting was a bit tricky but it’s been pretty smooth sailing since then. I can’t wait to finish the quilt top to really get an idea of the overall effect!

What have you been sewing lately?

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Brigitte Scarf (#LoveAtFirstStitch Launch Party!)

Brigitte scarf (#LoveAtFirstStitch Launch party)

Brigitte scarf (#LoveAtFirstStitch Launch party)

Brigitte scarf (#LoveAtFirstStitch Launch party)

Brigitte scarf (#LoveAtFirstStitch Launch party)

Brigitte scarf (#LoveAtFirstStitch Launch party)

Tilly‘s book comes out today and she’s having an online book launch party! I’ve made a Brigitte Scarf from the book to celebrate!

Since I chose such a plain fabric, I knew I wanted to do some embellishing… a perfect opportunity to try the “fancy” stitches on my machine that seldom get used! I did two rows of this criss-cross pattern in a dark purple and a medium purple.

You can find the instructions to make your own Brigitte scarf on Tilly’s blog, and you can preorder Love at First Stitch here (the North American release date isn’t until October, unfortunately). You can also order a copy directly from Tilly here if you’re impatient and don’t want to wait until then!

Let me know in the comments what you’ve been sewing this week! Happy Thursday!


How to dye Easter eggs using food colouring (a tutorial)

How to Dye Easter Eggs using Food Colouring

Plain eggs

Eggs in Dye

Colourful Easter Eggs

Using tape to create patterns

Colourful Easter Eggs

I cannot believe how fast these past few months have gone… it’s only a few weeks until Easter weekend! I though I’d share an easy way to dye brightly coloured Easter Eggs with you guys since they turned out so well the last time we made them. This is super easy and uses supplies that you probably have in your pantry!

How to Dye Easter Eggs using Food Colouring
(Method adapted from Martha Stewart)

You’ll need:
Eggs (hardboiled or emptied- see note below)
Warm water
Food colouring
White vinegar
A spoon
Stickers, tape, string, etc. for making interesting designs

Note: There is a great tutorial for emptying (“blowing”) eggs here. If properly cleaned, emptied egg shells can be stored and reused indefinitely. Hardboiled eggs, however, should be stored only for as long as you’d store any hardboiled eggs.

You will need a seperate glass for each colour you want to use.
In each glass, mix 1/2 cup of warm water, 1/2 tsp of vinegar, and a total of 15-20 drops of food colouring. Play with colour concentration or mix different colours for interesting effects.
To dye each egg, submerge in food colouring mixture for 5-10 minutes, depending on desired colour intensity. Carefully remove each egg from the food colouring mixture with a spoon and place in egg carton to dry.
Repeat as desired for layered colours. For patterned eggs, cover the area you don’t want dyed with stickers, string, or tape before submerging. Make sure that the first colour is dry before dyeing with a second colour. Be creative!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve dyed eggs using this tutorial. Have a beautiful weekend!

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A new project bag and DNF socks.







While I was visiting my parents for reading week, I used my mum’s sewing machine to make a project bag from Noodlehead’s tutorial. I love how it turned out and I definitely want to make more of these in different sizes for other projects and notions! The tutorial is really detailed and easy to follow, even though I haven’t sewn in awhile. This was my first time using a zipper foot but it was pretty simple.

What else would I store in my new project bag but my current WIP? I’m still working on my Maeva socks! I started these as a Ravellenics project but definitely did not finish them before the end of the Olympics (in fact, I’m not even halfway through the first sock!). That’s alright- I knew that finishing them while I was off from school and busy at home would be a challenge and I’m still working on finishing them before the end of March for my 12 socks in 2014 challenge. The yarn is Cascade Heritage Sock in Navy and the pattern is free from Knitty.
(Rav link)

Let me know in the comments what you’ve been knitting and sewing lately! Have a wonderful day.

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LPOAS Best of 2013

Happy New Year! I hope you have all had a lovely and relaxing holiday season with your families and friends and are all looking forward to 2014.

Today, like I did last year for 2012 (part 1, part 2, part 3), I’m reviewing the best moments of 2013. I’m adopting a bit of a different format this year- Liesl’s year in review post was so pretty that I wanted to do something similar. Links below the photos for more details.


In 2013, I…

Published 1 new pattern, Tempestuous.
Finished 14 projects (favourites include Kai Mei, Business Casual, Wavy Moss Stitch Hat, and Forest Floor).
Moved twice.
Visited H and G in Toronto and Peterborough.
Watched spring arrive.
Wrote a few recipes (Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pumpkin Walnut Muffins, Raspberry Limeade, and White Chocolate Cranberry Jar Cookies).
Camped at Presqu’Ile Provincial Park.
Picked apples and made apple butter.
Appreciated November.
Prepared for Christmas.

Happy 2014! Let me know in the comments what your highlights of 2013 were!

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