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And… back to our regularly scheduled programming

Wow! I’ve missed an Instagram Monday and a week of regular knitting posts. We’ll be back to normal here as of this week. (To my credit, I did manage to finish high school while I was neglecting my blogging. More on that next week after graduation and formal.) Let’s dive right in, shall we?

I’ve been making a baby blanket for my friends T and T, who are having a baby in just a few weeks! The pattern is based off EZ’s February baby sweater lace, and I love how it’s turning out. The yarn is mill ends, but it’s surprisingly soft for something that’s almost certainly acrylic. Beautiful nights on the back deck have allowed quick progress on this one. I can’t wait to meet baby E in a few weeks! (Rav link)

I’ve also been working on a new design which I’m hoping to release in the fall. I’m really excited to work on this one, and let’s just say that there might be an e-book of patterns involved!

In other (completely random) news, I picked the first thing from my garden yesterday. The first crop was a radish, and still pretty small, but given the tenacity of the bunnies around here, I’m impressed any of them even survived.

Now that I’m done school, the agenda for this week includes a trip to Toronto, strawberry picking, and a barbecue. Sounds pretty good to me!

This is another Yarn-along and Keep Calm Crafting On post. Have a great week!


FOs and Cupcakes!

I’ve been knitting like crazy over the past few days. I’ve started and finished two projects and worked a bit on my socks. The first thing I finished was a sweater from this pattern, as a test for the designer. The pattern is great and the cardigan turned out so cute, I’ll definitely be making it again! (On Ravelry here).

I also knit up a hat from this pattern for my little friend E. It turned out well, but there are a few modifications I’d probably make to the decreases next time to make it fit better. I made the child size and I was a bit worried about is being too small, but it is actually pretty long and has a lot of stretch. I love the way the flower is done… so clever! (On Ravelry here).

Last weekend, for Mother’s Day, I baked up some cupcakes for us to have with dinner with my mom. They turned out really well for yellow cake. I usually find yellow cake too dry, but these were actually pretty moist. Th cupcake recipe is here and the icing is from here.

I should have a pattern release coming your way in the next week or so and I’m working on a few new things as well… the knitting marathon continues!

Have a great end to your week!



I took the pictures for this post a few days ago, and then didn’t have any time to post. I wrote Chemistry 3 and English 2 today and I’m writing Physics 1 and 2 tomorrow (IB exams, for any newcomers). I figured I’d better get these photos up tonight so just a quick post before I head off to bed.

The danishes that I was making dough for turned out okay. I need to work on my pastry dough skills because while they were delicious little fruit-filling buns, they weren’t flaky like pastries should be. Oh well, they were still tasty and I’ve got a book with another pastry recipe to try in it.

In the midst of this exam madness, I’ve cast on a baby sweater for my friends K and N. They’re having their second baby in a few weeks and I thought this pattern was adorable. I’ve also got a pattern set aside for their adorable daughter E- I wouldn’t want her to feel left out! (On Ravelry here)

Did you know that there was a super moon last Saturday? The moon gets closer to the earth than it normally does so it can look a bit brighter. The different is pretty much imperceptible to the naked eye, but it was still fun to take full moon pictures!

Have a great end to your week!


Coming Soon: Coppe!

My posting might be a bit sparse over the next couple of weeks. I’m currently writing my International Baccalaureate exams (3 down, 12 to go…) and, well, my school work has kind of taken over.

I’ve written one English paper and 2 math papers so far, and I think they went reasonably well. I guess I’ll have to wait until July to find out!

On my study breaks, I’ve been watching re-runs of Criminal Minds and of Downton Abbey, and knitting a new hat design. The pattern is being tested right now, but here’s a preview (on Ravelry here):

The pattern is called Coppe because when I showed the hat to my little brother, he said it looked like a spider web. Spider isn’t a very elegant name for a hat, so I chose to call it Coppe, which is an ancient English word for spider. It’s actually the root for the word cobweb. The pattern should be available over the next few weeks.

And for tonight… I’ve got some pastry dough rising. I’m making apple and strawberry danishes- I can’t wait to taste them!

Have a great weekend!

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The winners and St-Louis

First up, here the the winners for the pattern giveaway, as chosen by

4. Jasmyn
6. Elizabeth
3. Rose
14. Hannah
9. knittingdancer

If you’re one of the lucky winners, please e-mail me at before the end of the day on Friday to claim your prize! You’ll need to give me your Ravelry username so that I can “gift” you the pattern. If you don’t have a Ravelry account, e-mail me and we’ll figure something out! Congratulations… I can’t wait to see your finished hats!

If you didn’t win, don’t worry! You can still get your copy of the pattern from the Ravelry store here. (You don’t need a Ravelry account).

I just got back from my trip on Sunday. I spent 4 days in St-Louis, Missouri with my FIRST robotics team and we had so much fun!

On the knitting front, I haven’t made any progress on my socks, but after cleaning out my stash, I decided I definitely needed a stash buster project, to turn things like this…

Into things like this.

I’m making log cabin squares based on this dishcloth pattern, and eventually I’ll have enough to put together into a blanket. (On Ravelry here). I’m also working on a few new designs. One is another hat and one is something a bit different… but I’ll leave you in suspense for now!

I also tried out a carrot cupcake recipe before I left. They were delicious! I can’t seem to find the recipe that I used but I’ll share it if I do find it.

I’ve been doing a lot of baking on my own lately, but the weekend before we left, I baked these cinnamon rolls with some friends… baking is fun, but baking with your best friends is so much better!

I hope everyone had a great week! I’ll be yarn-alonging with Ginny at Small Things tomorrow.


The cursed socks…

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I started mine off by making some Hot Cross Buns… how very typically Easter! The recipe is from The Pioneer Woman here. While mine weren’t quite as pretty (by the time I iced them it was laaaate…), they did taste good!

I received a lovely skein of Cascade Heritage Hand Painted as a gift in a very pretty blue. This yarn is 75% merino and so soft! (On Ravelry here)

I’ve cast on a pair of socks with it. The pattern is Angee from Cookie A’s Sock Innovation. The pattern and the yarn are lovely, but I’m beginning to think these socks are cursed… I had to cast on three times before I got past the cuff (seriously, ribbing. You would think I’d have figured that one out by now…) and then 6 rows into the set up rounds, I couldn’t figure out why my stitch count was off. Turns out I dropped a stitch and it had fallen about a dozen rows. I’ll bring it back up later tonight (and then we’ll see how far I get before something else happens!). (On Ravelry here)

I also bought a drop spindle at my LYS this weekend. It came with come fibre and I’ve been learning how to spin. My yarn isn’t anywhere near perfect yet, but it’s getting a bit more even. I can’t wait to finish it up so that I can try plying it and knitting it! (On Ravelry here)

Happy Monday!


FO: Robot Hat

I’m on the robotics team at my school, and since one of our teacher mentors also runs the knitting club, there’s a lot of knitting on our team. Each person who joins (eventually) gets a hand-knit hat made by someone for them, and some of them are really neat. I’ve made one with pigtail holes and curly-cues, and mine, which was made by Ms. B, glows in the dark!

This is the 7th hat I’ve made and this one is for M. She lost her first hat when she moved this summer, so this one is a replacement. (On Ravelry here). We’re leaving for a competition this Wednesday, so the hat is just in time!

I also made donut muffins today. They’re baked in mini muffin tins, but they taste just like spiced donuts.

They are the perfect size and were so tasty! The recipe is here.

Have a great weekend!


Traveling… sort of.

I feel like I haven’t been at home at all lately… even though I haven’t really been far. I have been in Toronto and Ottawa, and today is the second day that I’ve actually been home.

I was in Toronto (well, Oshawa, really) for a robotics competition with my FIRST robotics team. We had so much fun! We’re at another competition next weekend and we won an award that qualifies us for the World Championships, so we’ll be in St-Louis in about a month for that.

I did a bit more baking before I left. This garlic bread is basically a pizza crust with garlicky butter and a ton of cheese… yum! The recipe is from here. The pizza dough was really easy to make.

I have gotten some time to work on my Saroyan. I thought I was going to have to readjust the pattern for the amount of yarn that I have, but it’s looking like it will be okay.

So far I’ve worked 6 increase sections and 6 body sections. I love how this yarn is knitting up.

I’d better hurry up and finish it, since it seems to be spring! The weather was cold until this week, and the last fews days have been beautiful: sunny and warm. I even (okay, perhaps a bit prematurely) wore flip-flops this afternoon! (On Ravelry here)

We have family coming over for dinner tonight so there is a giant pot of chill simmering on the stove and it smells fantastic. The recipe is from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

I’ll be yarn-alonging with Ginny at Small Things tomorrow!

Have you seen my new pattern yet? It’s called Crayon Striped Mittens and is available as a free Ravelry download (Download now).


Weekend (and Blueberries)!

Finally, a weekend! It has been great, because even though there was studying and writing a paper, there was also knitting, baking, shopping, and way too much tea…

I started (and finished!) a little blueberry knit set for some good friends who are due to have a baby any day now. I’m really happy with how this turned out and I can’t wait to meet the new baby!

The booties are this pattern. The booties and the hat are both made with Bernat Softee Baby, which is soft… and washable! (On Ravelry here).

The hat is this pattern. It was so quick to make, I’ll definitely be using this pattern again. (On Ravelry here)

Aside from knitting, on Saturday night, I decided to do some baking. I made Orange Pull Apart Bread from The Whisk Kid. If you haven’t been to this website, it’s amazing. Her recipes are delicious and her photography is just gorgeous! The bread takes some time to make, but is it ever worth it…

It was messy and sticky, but oh-so-good.

Have a great week!

Have you seen my new pattern yet? It’s called Crayon Striped Mittens and is available as a free Ravelry download (Download now).