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Knitting :: Featherweight cardigan (still!). Those of you who have been reading for awhile will know that this has been somewhat of a long-term project. I have, however, reached an important milestone… the sleeves! After an infinite length 2″ of ribbing, I cast off the body. Hopefully the sleeves will be a bit quicker. Then I will have a lovely light summer cardi… in November in Canada. I never said I was good at timing.

(Rav link)

Reading :: Finished both Sassafras, Cypress, and Indigo (Goodreads) and The History Room (Goodreads) this week. Both were quite good, although very different books. The History Room is a contemporary mystery, a very easy read. Sassafras, Cypress, and Indigo follows 3 sisters as they grow up and move to different places. It’s not always a happy novel but the characters are fantastically written.

Started A Game of Thrones (Goodreads)… everyone keeps telling me that I must watch the show but I feel like I should read the books first. At least the first one since I believe that’s what the first season of the show is based on. I’m only about 50 pages in but so far the writing style is great. I wish the characters didn’t switch around so much, though (this might be why I don’t read a lot of fantasy…).

I hope you are all having a lovely week!

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On a gloomy Saturday.




It’s definitely no longer early fall… I think it’s been raining every day this week. What else to do but collect up extra blankets and a good book? I also hung some string lights today in anticipation of Christmas… it seems a bit early but I don’t mind. Only 53 days.

Reading: The History Room by Eliza Graham

So far so good… it’s a mystery set in Britain but it’s mostly contemporary, with some flashback-type chapters. Good characters and the plot is just starting to really pick up.

If the weather is as gloomy where you are as it is here, I hope you’re bundled up indoors with a cup of tea and something to read… Happy November!

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Knitting:: Ease by Alicia Plummer. The yarn is Patons Decor in the colourway peat. I’m about halfway through the bottom edge ribbing, so I just have about 2.5″ left and then I’ll be done the body. 5″ of ribbing takes much longer than I would have thought… so slow! The sweater will be worth it, though- I can’t wait to wear it! (Rav Link)

Reading:: (Not pictured this week because I figured a picture of my Kindle was a bit boring!). The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith. I wish I could say that I picked up this book before the author’s identity was revealed because it sounded great, but I started it almost exclusively because JK Rowling wrote it. It’s good so far- great characters. (Goodreads link).

I hope you’re all having a great week!

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Knitting :: Ease by Alicia Plummer in Patons Decor, colourway 87014 Peat. I’m knitting the small size at a guage of 5 sts/ inch instead of 4.5 sts/ inch in hopes of a slightly more fitted sweater. I would normally just knit the small as written, but the pattern includes 3-4″ of ease and I’m not sure I want quite that much. (Rav Link)

Reading :: Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I had started this awhile ago but only got a few chapters in. I’m not sure I love it so far, but I think it might just be a bit of a slow start. We’ll see. (Goodreads link)

Watching :: (A bonus this week because I need your advice!) Call the Midwife. I had started this awhile ago as well and I had forgotten how good it is! I’m on the fifth episode. I feel like I’m missing some good summer shows- what are your favourites?

Have a great week!

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Knitting:: Glenna‘s sock pattern in Patons Kroy Sock, mystery colourway. Just turned the heel so the rest should go pretty quickly. I’m hoping to have lots of handknit socks before the weather gets chilly again! (Rav link)


Reading:: The Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis. I’d never heard of this book or author (it’s her first novel) but I saw it on the shelf at the library and it looked interesting. It tells the story of Hattie and her 12 children, from 1923 onwards. It’s good so far but I wish there were more time to develop each character, since most are only present for 1 chapter.

More of what I’m knitting on Ravelry and more of what I’m reading on Goodreads.

I hope you’re all having a great week (and be sure to come back on Thursday for a Raspberry Limeade recipe!)

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While I should have been writing… (NaBloPoMo Day 2)

While I should have been writing one of the two papers that are due in the coming week, I took a break and watched a movie… along with my knitting, of course! Seriously- how do people watch television without something to do with their hands? I’m still working on the lace scarf for JA. I was watching The Oxford Murders… it was good- better than I expected, actually. An interesting film about, well, murders happening at Oxford (no kidding). The premise is a grad student and a professor trying to figure out who the murderer is based on math and logic. The ending was a little depressing- it tied up all of the loose ends, but it definitely wasn’t a “they lived happily ever after” kind of ending. For those of you who watch Downton Abbey, Mr. Carson is the police officer- it’s very funny to watch him as his personality in this film is very different from in DA! Mr. Ollivander from Harry Potter also plays one of the main roles. The entire movie, in fact, I was trying to figure out where I knew actors from… some pretty big names in there!

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that I volunteered at my university’s book sale last weekend. Payment? My choice of any books at wanted from the sale. Pretty awesome payment if you ask me. I picked up a few really interesting books and I can’t wait to read them. Now if only all of the schoolwork would go away so I’d actually have the time and energy!

As a personal blogging challenge, I’m writing a blog post every day for the month of November as a part of NaBloPoMo (NAtional BLOg POsting MOnth). This is day 2!

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In which I have the best family ever.

Briefly interrupting our regular knitting programming today to talk about how awesome my family is (knitting further down this post). I got a package in my mailbox Monday morning, which was a surprise considering I wasn’t expecting anything. I crossed my fingers and hoped that nothing in it was breakable, shoved it into my backpack (my mailbox isn’t in my building) and ran off to English. When I opened it later on that day, I found…

Halloween candy! Chocolate! Almonds!


A few things have been happening on the knitting front. First, I finished up the knitting part of JP’s hogwarts scarf. I still needs to be washed and blocked and I need to add the fringe. I need a big space, pins, and a crochet hook to do those, so it’ll have to wait until I’m home in a few weeks. I’ll do some good pictures then too. Until then, enjoy this dorm room mirror shot! (Rav link)

I’m also making three little hats for little miss E using leftover sock yarn. I’m almost done the first one and it is so cute! The pattern is free here. (Rav link)

Wishing you an evening filled with books and tea! (I’m currently reading Virgil’s The Aneid for my classical literature course. Interesting so far, particularly having read The Odyssey, which was Virgil’s inspiration.

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A long weekend

Warning: Lots of pictures in this post! (If you’re only here fore the knitting… scroll to the end.)

We have a four-day weekend because of Easter, and so far, it’s been lovely. After doing some homework this morning, we dyed Easter eggs this afternoon. I did three different colours of dye using Martha Stewart’s instructions here. I was a bit worried about them being dull because of the food colouring, but the eggs actually turned out really bright!

I just finished reading Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares. It was a really quick read but it did make me laugh. I also finally got my hands on a copy of the Yarn Harlot‘s All Wound Up. I started it last night and, as usual, the Yarn Harlot is really funny.

As for knitting, I’ve finished up the sample for my latest design. It’s being tested now and I’m really excited to release it! I’m hoping to get it out on April 21st. While it’s being tested, I’m working on a scarf for my sister.

It’s from a kit my grandmother got for me when she visited Belfast Mini Mills in PEI last summer. The yarn is an angora blend and so, so soft. (On Ravelry here)

I’m planning on making cupcakes tonight… does anyone have any favourite recipes?

Have a great long weekend!


May the odds…

I just got back from a robotics trip and even though I’ve had a bit of time to recover, I still feel like I could sleep for days. Really.

It hasn’t helped that over the past few days, I finally gave in and read The Hunger Games… and it was as addictive as everyone said it would be. I thought I was safe and could just read the one, but it turns out my brother bought the whole set. Needless to say, I’m reading Catching Fire now.

I’ve also been working on some ideas for a new design… just one more thing to figure out and then I can start swatching. I’m really excited about this one.

Before I do that, I promised myself I’d finish my Saroyan- I can’t wait to wear it. Only 3 more decrease sections to go!

(On Ravelry here)

I’ll be Yarn-Alonging with Ginny at Small Things tomorrow. Have a great week!