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Rhinbeck 2016 (part 2, the sweater and the yarn)










Aidez was my Rhinebeck sweater this year, and I am so pleased with how it turned out! I started this cardigan several years ago, and had finished the back when I set it aside. Since it’s such a perfect fall colour, I pulled it back out when we were first planning our Rhinebeck trip. Once I was working on it solidly, it was a pretty quick knit – the cable patterns are pretty easy to memorize, and similar ones are used on the fronts and sleeves. The yarn is Cascade Eco + in Cinnamon. I’m a bit worried about pilling since it’s a pretty softly spun yarn, but it is very soft and warm. I’m happy with the fit as well – I made the medium as written, and it’s nice and long, with sleeves that are just the right length.
(Rav link)

As for my Rhinebeck purchases, I think I did a reasonably good job of not buying everything (and even stayed under budget!). I got a few skeins of sock yarn (from Neighborhood Fiber Company, Into The Whirled, and O-Wool) – the first two were impulse purchases, and the O-Wool is for a shawl for which I already have a contrast colour. The Into The Whirled yarn is in their “Rhinebeck” colourway which is really pretty and I thought made for a nice souvenir – they did a really great job of reproducing the fall colours. I also got a sweater quantity of DK weight 60% merino, 40% romney in a natural grey from Battenkill Fibers, which I think I’ll be using to make the Shore Cardigan from Swoon Maine. I am really excited to work with this yarn – it’s really soft and squishy, and this booth is already on my list to return to next year!

(Thanks to Jasmyn for taking the sweater photos!)






Lately, I’ve been…

Knitting :: Still (yes, again!) working on my Aidez cardigan for Rhinebeck. I didn’t have a ton of time to work on it this week, but I’ve nearly finished the second front and then there are just the sleeves to go. I’m considering doing them two at a time since they’ll be a single cable pattern with ribbing, but I find two at a time messes up my knitting rhythm. Might still be faster, though – anyone have any suggestions?
(Rav link)

Reading :: Not pictured because it’s on my Kindle, but I’ve just got a couple of chapters left in The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. It did get better, though I’m holding out final judgement until I finish the entire book.

Watching :: Lots of CSI reruns, and a couple of films during the last weekend of TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival). Our favourite by far was Their Finest, a 1940s rom com set in Britain during the second world war. I loved the costumes – so many pretty knit tops and cardigans!

What have you been knitting and reading this week?

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Lately, I’ve been…

Knitting :: My Aidez cardigan, in preparation for wearing it to Rhinebeck! Now that I’m working on it solidly, it’s coming along quickly. I’m a couple of repeats into the second front, and then there are just the sleeves left. I’m in love with this colour – it’s just so perfect for fall. I’m hoping the weather continues to cool down so it’s cool enough to wear this when I finish it.
(Rav link)

Reading :: Still working through Field Study by Rachel Seiffert, which I’m enjoying, and now reading The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd on my kindle. This is a book that everyone seems to love, but I’m not sold yet. We’ll see if it improves. I also finished And The Mountains Echoed, by Khaled Hosseini, last week and it was wonderful. Such beautiful writing and well-crafted characters.

What have you been knitting and reading this week?

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Long weekending









I’ve been having such a lovely long weekend – friends, knitting, tv watching, great food. We’ve been canning so much the last couple of weeks, and there’s just a couple more things on our list before apple season starts to arrive. In anticipation of fall (ignoring the 30+ degree weather), we also made a pumpkin loaf (recipe from Back to Her Roots) and it was delicious. We used regular whole wheat flour, plain yogurt, and subbed brown sugar for the maple syrup.

I’ve also picked back up my Aidez cardigan, and between brunch and some tv with H, I’ve gotten most of one of the front panels done. The reason I’ve picked this back up is because I might be going to Rhinebeck (NY Sheep and Wool)! I am super excited even though it’s still over a month away – I’ve been planning my sweaters, perusing the vendor and class lists, and reading lots of recaps. Are you going? Any tips or suggestions for first timers?

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


Crunch time.




I promise I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, despite the radio silence here last week. I’ve just hit crunch time for this semester… all of my energy is being funneled into coursework, job hunting, apartment hunting, volunteering, and so on. I did get to go home for reading week, though, so that was a nice break. I’m hoping I’ll be back to regular posting next week. In the meantime, I hope you’re all well- let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments!
(Knitting above- my Aidez Cardigan)


Brunch and Cables.










As I’ve mentioned before, H and I are doing Sunday brunch with a few friends, alternating between our apartments. It’s one of my favourite things… shuffling in from the snow, making cups of coffee and tea, mixing ingredients for pancakes, maybe knitting a few rows if there’s a spare moment.

Right now, I’m working on my Aidez… I’m hoping to finish it before the weather gets too warm to wear it (although given the temperature this week, it’ll be awhile). I’m about halfway through the back, which will be the longest part since there are so many charts at once. I’m still in love with this colour… Cascade Eco+ in 958 Cinnamon.
(Rav link)

How has your week been so far?

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Lately, I’ve been…

Knitting // my Aidez cardigan, hoping to finish it before it’s too warm to wear it. (Rav link)

Reading // Suite Francaise by Irène Nemirovsky, for my course on Holocaust literature.

Baking // Scones, check back tomorrow for the recipe!

Loving // Having a kitty around the house to pet and play with. More pictures of her here.

Looking forward to // brunch, rotated between our place and two friends’ places.

Fascinated by // Campbell house, where I helped a friend take some photos for a project.

Working on // my hat and a few extras for Liesl’s Myatery Hat Swap.

What have you been up to lately?

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