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Lately, I’ve been…

Knitting :: My grace cardigan, again… there were a lot of problems with this project, and I had set it aside for a few months. After taking another look, I wasn’t happy with the gauge or the fit so I ripped out and started over. I really love both this yarn and pattern, so it will be well worth it in the end.
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Reading :: Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly. I haven’t seen the movie yet because I wanted to read the book first, and the story is just as good as everyone says. I’m about a third of the way in, and enjoying every page. I’m also reading Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay, which is a collection of essays. I’m really enjoying this too, her commentary is both apt and witty, and it’s a pretty quick read. I’ll probably go back and re-read some of my favourites at the end.

Listening :: To The Minimalists podcast, which is excellent, although I’m not sure to what degree I identify with some of their notions of minimalism. The episodes I’ve heard so far are really engaging and fascinating, though, so it’s well worth a listen.

What have you been knitting, reading, and listening to this week?

On another note, I am saddened to say goodbye to the Yarn-Along – I have met so many friends and discovered so many blogs through it. Thank you, Ginny, for many years of fun! Other than the wonderful Crafting On, what are you favourite knitting link ups right now? I will miss the online knitting circle that inspired my ‘lately’ posts.

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Lately, I’ve been…

Knitting :: My shawl for the Yarn Buddies KAL, which is a little group knitalong with my friends Nika and Amirah. The idea for the knitalong started when Amirah gifted us each with a skein of this beautiful limited edition colourway from Neighborhood Fiber Co. We’re each making a different shawl (and, I think, each using a different contrast colour). I’m using Laura Aylor’s First Point of Libra pattern, and my contrast yarn is this lovely grey from O-Wool, which I got at Rhinebeck last year. I am so pleased with how it’s knitting up, and I’m already imagining sweater that would be beautiful knit with this yarn.
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Reading :: Still reading Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi. To be honest, I only read a few dozen pages of this novel this week. I am also reading Contagious by Jonah Berger, which I only started yesterday afternoon but am nearly halfway through. Although I’m not very interested in the sales and marketing bits of this book, the sociological parts have been fascinating. It’s a really quick and accessible read – highly recommended so far.

Watching :: Not a lot this week (it’s been a busy one – I got a kitten, more on this later!), but I have watched a couple more episodes of Trapped, which is an Icelandic murder mystery. It’s perfect for watching while working on the easier projects I have on the go right now, as I have to pay a bit of attention to read the subtitles.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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Lately, I’ve been…

Knitting :: Still on the body of my Flax Light, although much further than last week! I’ve only got 4-5″ to go before the ribbing, and I’m still enjoying the knit. I know the sleeves are where I’m likely to lose momentum, so I won’t be casting anything else on until this is done. (And Lyra is an excellent knitting helper, as I’m sure you can guess).
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Reading :: I finished Between the World and Me by Ta-Nihisi Coates, which was such a good read. I have so many thoughts which I’m still pondering this week. Read it if you haven’t. Now I’ve started a novel that I picked up at random at the library this weekend, Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi.It’s been alright so far, but I have read that it picks up significantly after the first third of the book, so we’ll see.

Listening :: Lots of music, quieter at work during moments when I really need to get stuff done, and faster paced at home for cooking. A few of my favourites from this month:

Have a lovely day!

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Lately, I’ve been…

Knitting :: After finishing all of the hats for the women’s march (15 in total!), I’m back to working on my Flax Light in this lovely single ply merino. I’m a few inches into the body, and enjoying the mindless, slow knitting of this section.
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Reading :: I’m about halfway through The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone by Olivia Laing, which has been fantastic so far. It’s a book about the phenomenon of loneliness, which sounds sort of odd, but she makes it work – it’s lots of art history, some biography and autobiography, and insightful analysis.

Watching :: H and I just finished watching the two seasons of Father Brown which are on Netflix (a murder mystery series about such a sweet little British village in the 1950s – watch it if you haven’t!). I’ve also been watching a few episodes of the X Files now and again, which continues to be fantastic.

What have you been knitting, reading, and watching lately? Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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Lately, I’ve been…

Knitting :: Not a lot of time for knitting this week, but I finished the body of my Flax Light sweater! I’ve got it on hold now because my long interchangeable cable broke, and I can’t do the sleeves until I get a new one. As much as I love the Hiya Hiya sharps, I’ve found that the cable joints just aren’t durable, especially if you knit a lot with magic loop, which tends to strain the join. I’ve also got a bunch of Knit Picks Options, but their interchangeable cables aren’t very flexible and the tips are a bit dull. I’d love your suggestions if you have a favourite (durable, sharp, flexible cable) interchangeable set.
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Reading :: I finished The Secrets of Lake Road (so good!) and have started Field Study, which is a collection of short stories by Rachel Seiffert. Nothing really stands out about this collection so far (I’m often not particularly enthralled by collections unless they’re really well selected and ordered), but it’s been an enjoyable commuting book this week.

Watching :: Law and Order SVU. I think this is the only crime procedural of the early 2000s that I haven’t seen yet, and since I loved the others so much, it was time to give this one a try. Tentatively enjoying so far.

:: The rain! Finally! What a wonder for the garden and for breaking the heat wave.

What are you knitting and reading this week?

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Snow storm.









Lately, I’ve been…

Knitting // My hat for the mystery hat swap. Since taking these photos the other day, I’ve actually knit the whole body and I’m blocking the hat. Almost ready to send off to my partner!
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Reading // Irene Némirovsky’s Suite Francaise for a class I’m taking. I have such mixed feelings about it. It’s such a beautifully written novel, but so sad.

Loving // The return of the snow. It’s been so cold here but without any snow, and if it’s going to be cold, it might as well be pretty too! We woke up to about a foot of snow on Monday morning… so pretty!

Baking // These muffins from Oh She Glows. They were a bit too banana-y for my taste but H liked them.

Listening // To the new NPR Invisibilia podcast… such fascinating stuff!

Excited for // The return of spring and being able to garden again!

What have you been up to this week?

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26 Books in 2015

(A few books to read this year… Suite Francaise, Solo, The Secret Life of Josephine, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.)

The other day, Lea mentioned a book challenge that she’s doing this year. The challenge was started by Erin, and rather than just a number of books as a goal, the challenge is to read one book for each of 26 assigned prompts.

I’m going to give it a shot! I’ll be mentioning my current reads in my posts as usual, but I’ll also make sure to update this post as I finish the book for each prompt.

Anyone else interested in joining in?

a book you own but haven’t read
a book that was made into a movie

a book you pick solely because of the cover

a book your friend loves

a book published this year
a book by an author you’ve never read before
a book by an author you love
a book at the bottom of your “to-read” pile

a book with a color in the title
a book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit

a book you started but never finished

a book with a lion. a witch. or a wardrobe

a book with a female heroine
a book set in the summer

a book of poems

a book you learned about because of this challenge
a book that will make you smarter

a book with a blue cover

a book you were supposed to read in school. but didn’t
a book “everyone” but you has read (Where’d You Go, Bernadette, by Maria Semple)

a book with a great first line
a book with pictures
a book from the library
 (Meridian, by Alice Walker)
a book you loved … read it again!!

a book that is more than 10 years old (Emil and Karl, by Yankev Glatshteyn)
a book based on a true story (Singing From the Darktime, by S. Weilbach)


A little too small.






This week, I’m…

Knitting :: A tiny sweater. This was meant for my cousin’s daughter, who was born in September, but I didn’t quite have the time to finish it before seeing her at Christmas. Given how fast she’s growing (very fast!) and how fast the sweater’s growing (less fast…), I think I’ll be making something else for her and saving this for another baby.
(Rav link)

Reading :: Not a lot of time for reading lately with classes starting up again, but I’m just starting A Necessary End for a quick mystery read. I also read Singing from the Darktime for class this week. Beautifully written but very sad.

What are you knitting and reading this week?

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WIP: Bunny

WIP: Bunny


WIP: Bunny

This week, I’ve been…

Knitting :: A little cream bunny rabbit! I know a few people who are having babies soon and I have seen so many of these adorable stuffed animals, and I think they would make perfect gifts. I’ll pick a softer, machine washable yarn for the ones for the kids, but this is just a test one since it’s the first toy I’ve ever knitted. The plain wool is the gorgeous undyed 2-ply worsted weight from Topsy Farms.
(Rav link)

Reading :: The Backyard Homestead after seeing it recommended by a few different people. This is full of so much useful information! I’m finding the vegetables reference section particularly useful for my garden- it gives basic care info for a huge variety of plants.

What have you been knitting and reading this week?

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Knitting :: Featherweight cardigan (still!). Those of you who have been reading for awhile will know that this has been somewhat of a long-term project. I have, however, reached an important milestone… the sleeves! After an infinite length 2″ of ribbing, I cast off the body. Hopefully the sleeves will be a bit quicker. Then I will have a lovely light summer cardi… in November in Canada. I never said I was good at timing.

(Rav link)

Reading :: Finished both Sassafras, Cypress, and Indigo (Goodreads) and The History Room (Goodreads) this week. Both were quite good, although very different books. The History Room is a contemporary mystery, a very easy read. Sassafras, Cypress, and Indigo follows 3 sisters as they grow up and move to different places. It’s not always a happy novel but the characters are fantastically written.

Started A Game of Thrones (Goodreads)… everyone keeps telling me that I must watch the show but I feel like I should read the books first. At least the first one since I believe that’s what the first season of the show is based on. I’m only about 50 pages in but so far the writing style is great. I wish the characters didn’t switch around so much, though (this might be why I don’t read a lot of fantasy…).

I hope you are all having a lovely week!

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