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Lately, I’ve been…

Knitting :: Still on the body of my Flax Light, although much further than last week! I’ve only got 4-5″ to go before the ribbing, and I’m still enjoying the knit. I know the sleeves are where I’m likely to lose momentum, so I won’t be casting anything else on until this is done. (And Lyra is an excellent knitting helper, as I’m sure you can guess).
(Rav link)

Reading :: I finished Between the World and Me by Ta-Nihisi Coates, which was such a good read. I have so many thoughts which I’m still pondering this week. Read it if you haven’t. Now I’ve started a novel that I picked up at random at the library this weekend, Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi.It’s been alright so far, but I have read that it picks up significantly after the first third of the book, so we’ll see.

Listening :: Lots of music, quieter at work during moments when I really need to get stuff done, and faster paced at home for cooking. A few of my favourites from this month:

Have a lovely day!

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With confidence and hope







So much of the last few days has me at a loss for words. So, today, three things:

1. Canadians, please call your representatives. Ask them what they will be doing to help refugees who can no longer seek asylum in the US. Email them, send them letters. Let them know that this is not okay.

2. I can still make Pussy Hats – if you are planning to go to a protest and would like one to wear, please let me know. I will make and mail as many as I can.

3. In the words of Elizabeth Zimmerman – Knit on, with confidence and hope, though all crises.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with regularily scheduled knitting posts. In the meantime, keep spreading kindness.


Pickles, cabin fever, and sick days








This week is the first week this year that I just feel so done with winter. Maybe it’s because we had a big storm the last few days, or maybe it’s because I’ve got the flu and have been cooped up at home, but I’m really looking forward to warm weather and fresh veggies and sunshine.

Even as cabin fever sets in, I’ve been enjoying the extra time to work on my red brick cardigan (I’m almost done the body – details on Ravelry) and have watched a few good things on Netflix. Some more episodes of The X-Files, and about half of a really interesting documentary about the Barkley race. I’d love your recommendations if anyone has watched anything good lately.

I did manage to make some pickles earlier this week, though, in an effort to hurry spring along. The cucumbers were just imported garden ones from the grocery store, and I made up a brine and stuck them in the fridge. I tasted one a few days ago, and although they definitely still need more curing time, the flavour profile is promising – just the right balance of vinegar, dill, and a hint of garlic. I used this recipe from Food in Jars, omitting the onions and packing them all into one big quart jar. The amount of brine listed in the recipe was still perfect, though.

Wishing you a lovely long weekend, friends!


Almost spring?





Happy weekend, friends! It’s been so lovely here this week that it almost feels like spring. I hope you’ve been enjoying some warm, sunny weather too. Here are some of my favourite things from around the internet this week:

Along with the nice weather will soon come the return of abundant local produce. Finding affordable local food in a city with an absurdly high cost of living is a challenge, but here are some tips for finding cheap groceries in expensive times.

I made granola using this recipe from the Kitchn as a general guide. Stovetop granola is perfect for when you want a bowl in the morning, but don’t have the time or the ingredients to make a huge oven batch. It takes about as long as making oatmeal, and I like granola more, so why not?

This year was my first year with a balcony, and we didn’t really get our act together to make it a nice space before the weather got cold again. This year, we’re moving again, but armed with some cute furniture, planters, and some serious dedication to use our outdoor space. These beautiful outdoor spaces were just the inspiration I needed.

I enjoy doing things with the people I love, but I also enjoy doing them alone. It’s all about balance. Why the weird stigma of doing things alone?

I’ve been enjoying poetry a lot lately, and someone shared a snippet from Ars Poetica #100 on twitter earlier this week:

Poetry is what you find
in the dirt in the corner,

overhear on the bus, God
in the details, the only way

to get from here to there.

The rest of the short poem is just as wonderful.

Happy weekending!







It’s noon, I’m still in my pjs with today’s crossword and a huge cup of tea, so the weekend’s off to a pretty excellent start! I’m planning to spend this afternoon working on a test knit baby vest while the cat is lounging in the sun patches. Here are some of my favourite things from around the internet this week to start your weekend:

Apparently a small kitchen can make you a better cook… I’ve already got the tiny kitchen, so now I just need to make the time to make something interesting, I guess?

I know lots of people doing interesting and unique and wonderful things, and I think that this might be the thread that connects them all – Start Before You’re Ready. Because “sucking is the first step to being sorta good at something”.

I’ve always wanted to learn to play chess, so Chess Academy is now on my list of things to check out soon.

This playlist is going to be the soundtrack to my weekend.

Seamless is my latest blog discovery and it’s absolute perfection. Beautiful knitting with pretty yarn, delicious food, stunning photography – it’s a treat to read.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!










I can’t believe that Christmas is a week away. I’ve still got one exam left to write on Tuesday, and then I’ll be off from classes for over two weeks, which sounds wonderful. On top of studying, I’ve been frantically trying to knit on the last few Christmas gifts for this year.

Hope you are all having a lovely holiday season so far! Are you frantically knitting as well, or are you finished your Christmas knitting?


Appia cowl.






I finished my Appia cowl! I am so pleased with how it turned out, and now I’m a tad obsessed with the idea of cowl-shawl combos. I’ve already started looking through my stash to start another one of this designer’s patterns. The yarn is my own fingering weight in “Daybreak”, which I think is a perfect summer colour.

(Rav link)

I hope you are all having a lovely and relaxing weekend!


7/52: Looking Back.


Every week this year, as a little photo challenge, I’m sharing a black and white shot of my roommate’s cat. To see all of the photos so far, go here.

This week, she is…

Still at our apartment while I visit my parents during my reading break, so this week’s and next week’s photos are from the past 2 months. This one is from the week H got Lyra, when we were both still home for Christmas. She’s settled in so well since then!

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6/52: Dinnertime.


Every week this year, as a little photo challenge, I’m sharing a black and white shot of my roommate’s cat. To see all of the photos so far, go here.

This week, she…

Thinks that if she sits on top of the bin of food for long enough, it will be dinnertime. She’s often disappointed in this pursuit!

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5/52 : During the storm.


Every week this year, as a little photo challenge, I’m sharing a black and white shot of my roommate’s cat. To see all of the photos so far, go here.

This week, she…
Knows that the best spot to be during a snowstorm is curled up in bed.