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Flax Light







I finished my Flax Light pullover, just in time to get a bit of wear in before it gets too warm to wear wool sweaters. I used a single ply 100% merino yarn from Romni Wools, it’s not branded but they seem to have it consistently in lots of pretty colours. I’m a bit worried about how the yarn will wear, because it already seems to be pilling and fuzzing quite a bit after three wears, but I’ll give it some time and see if the pilling slows down. This yarn is very affordable too (the last time I saw it, I think it was $12.50 per 100g), so if it does wear well, I’ll definitely be buying it again.

I did make some minor modifications to the pattern, lengthening the sleeves and the body a bit, and lengthening the ribbing at the bottom of the sleeves and body. It fits well so I’d probably make these changes again. I’d also probably lower the front neckline a touch and add a bit of waist shaping to make the fit less boxy next time, but overall I’m still very pleased. The most drastic change I made was to remove the garter panels from the sides of the sleeves (I just did them in plain stockinette), and add garter panels along the raglan increases. I saw a similar sweater on a character in a TV show once, and loved the subtle detail it added. I did 4 stitches in the centre (thus moving the increases 2 stitches either side of the marker), and I’m very happy with this modification as well. Even without mods, this is a skillfully written, free pullover pattern that would be an excellent first sweater. I’ve made the kids sizes before too, and they turn out adorable.

More details on Ravelry.

The weather here is finally turning warm (it’s about 18C here this afternoon). I hope it is equally beautiful where you are, and that you’re having a relaxing Sunday!

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Very Late Socks.




These might be the latest Christmas gift I’ve ever given… I actually finished them back in February, but between my schedule and J’s schedule, we haven’t seen each other that much, and I wanted to make sure I got pictures of them before giving them to him. Oh well – he has them now! The pattern is Petty Harbour by Rayna Curtis, and it’s definitely one I’ll be using again. It’s simple yet striking, and the stitch pattern is really easy to memorize and keep track of. The pattern also has lots of sizes, which I find really helpful when making socks as a gift. The yarn I used was a coned yarn from an LYS (Romni), who gets it from a mill – so it’s not branded. It’s an 80% wool, 20% nylon blend. This yarn will be great for making lots of socks, but it’s only 2 ply, and really a light fingering weight. I will definitely be using smaller needles and possibly doubling the yarn on the next pair I make, as I have lots of this yarn left in this blue and a forest green.

(Rav link)

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


All things purple.

WIP: Hitofude

WIP: Hitofude

WIP: Hitofude

Yarn for baby sweater

Hitofude and cookbooks

I’m still working on my hitofude cardigan… I’ve got one more lace pattern repeat for this section (which is, if I’m reading the pattern correctly, the sleeves). The construction of this cardi is so interesting that it’s like a surprise each time I read and knit the next part of the pattern. The whole garment is knit in one piece, no seams, without breaking the yarn once. Such a creative design.
(Rav link)

I also need to cast on a new project soon… I know two people who are having babies in September, so I picked up this fingering weight yarn in two shades of purple at Romni Wools when I was in Toronto last week. Do you have a favourite baby sweater pattern (preferably that would work in 2 colours)? I was thinking maybe this one or this one.

I haven’t been reading a ton of non-academic stuff recently, but I have been cooking a lot and trying out recipes from a bunch of different cookbooks. I love that I can take cookbooks out of the library and try a few recipes before deciding whether or not to buy the book! Here are a few of my recent favourites:

Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers
Super Natural Every Day, by Heidi Swanson
The Sprouted Kitchen, by Sarah and Hugh Forte
The Oh She Glows Cookbook, by Angela Liddon

I hope you’re all having a great week!

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Before I headed home for reading week last week, I heard that Romni Wools was having a Valentine’s Day sale. I have never been in a place with more yarn than Romni, so, armed with the remainder of my Christmas money, I set out to take a look. I only bought 3 things while I was there, which, if you’ve ever been to Romni, you will know is pretty impressive.

I bought 2 balls of Diamond Luxury Collection Merino Bamboo, which is so soft. There were so many colours to choose from, and they were 4.50$ each (minus the Valentine’s discount). I got one ball each in silver grey and Caribbean. I can’t wait to knit these up… I think these two colours would look gorgeous as a colourwork hat. (Rav link).


I also picked up a skein of Aslan Trends Santa Fe. It’s only 180 yards of fingering weight yarn, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but the colourway (1324- earth seasons) was just too pretty to leave this last skein behind. I’m thinking maybe this will become some fingerless gloves, but I haven’t yet found the perfect pattern. (Rav link).



I have also finished the first of my Business Casual socks! I’m into the leg of the second sock and it seems to be going a bit quicker than the first. I’m not sure why these seem to be taking so long. I enjoy working on them, they just seem to knit up very slowly. (Rav link).


I’m spending the weekend with some friends but I will be back Monday (perhaps with finished socks?). Have a great weekend!

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FO: Socks and Lettuce Knit

Have you seen my newest design, Modulation, and entered to win a free copy of the pattern? Well, what are you waiting for? Entry + info here!

First FO of university! I finished up these socks yesterday in SR Kertzer On Your Toes (from Romni) using this free pattern from Glenna C. (Rav link). While I think the pattern is great, I don’t think I’ll be using it again as I really do prefer knitting socks toe-up.

I also made a quick visit today to Lettuce Knit to check out the fantastic sale they were having this weekend! I got yarn for 2 projects:

2 balls of Rowan Purelife 4-ply cotton in the colour 748, medium indigo. At 50% off, this was only 5.50$ per ball! I’ll be using it to make a little sweater for J and L’s baby boy, due at the end of December. (Rav link)

While I only went to get yarn for the sweater (hahaha) I also picked out a ball of Berocco Vintage Colors in the colour 5218, terra cotta (Rav link). I actually didn’t pick this ball up at first when I was looking through the sale bins, but on my last look through, it caught my eye and I think it will look great as a cowl. Plus, it was only 4.50$ at 50% off! The colours remind me of fall leaves which is fitting given the time of year. In fact, I love it so much that’s it’s taken all of the willpower I have not to drop all of my work and other knitting projects to start working with it… because that’s usually not a very productive strategy to succeeding in school or finishing your Christmas knitting on time.

Hoping you all had a great weekend. Mine was lovely, despite looking like this a lot of the time…

I can’t wait to announce the winner of the giveaway… keep the entries coming!

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Socks and more yarn!

I’ve put my sweater project aside in favour of some simple ribbed socks. The pattern is a free on Ravelry from Glenna C. I finished the first sock last night and cast on the second one… no SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) here! (Rav link)

I also managed to make a trip to Romni Wools a few days ago, one of my favourite yarn shops! I love their basement sale section (it’s big enough that it could be a store on its own!) and I picked up a few things while I was there for my Christmas knitting. (Speaking of, if my Mom or my sister are reading this, stop! You’ll ruin the surprise!) (Rav stash links here, here, and here)

First, this 100% purewool to make some cozy winter socks for my Mum… I was actually thinking of buying some Cascade 220 for this project but then I found this… it was only 3.60$ per ball and there were lots of colours! The yarn is Kertzer Rejuvenation or SMC Northern Wool, I have one ball of each, but they are actually the same yarn which must have been renamed at some point.

I also spotted this colourway of SR Kertzer On Your Toes which reminded me of my sister. I’m not sure what I’ll be making for her with it yet, perhaps the Jaywalker socks or a slouchy hat.

I actually took the next few photos a few weeks ago, before I left home (and when I still had an oven!). These are the carrots from my garden, which I roasted with a glaze. The recipe for the glaze is here.

I’ve got a pattern release coming your way this week, probably on Thursday or Friday. Hoping you all had a great weekend!

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A new shopping bag, Hats, and Stash

I put down my knitting for a bit this week (what? gasp!) because I realized it had been awhile since I had used the sewing machine. Thankfully, I don’t think you can forget how to sew, and I have successfully made a bag. It folds up neatly into a little pocket (which otherwise acts as a little pocket inside the bag).

Look! French seams!

And it folds out into a bigger bag, which will be perfect for buying yarn or getting books from the library. The pattern, in fact, is from a library book: I Love Patchwork by Rashida Coleman Hale. I’ll definitely be making more things from this book.

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently spent a few days in Toronto and went to Romni Wools. Since I’ll be moving to Toronto in September… I need to know where all of the good LYSs are, right? I bought this pretty colour of On Your Toes (Rav link):

And 225g of this gorgeous purple ashford Corriedale (Rav link):

Oh, what have I been knitting? Right, of course. In order to use up as much of my stash as possible before I move at the end of August, I’ve been using all of my DK stash to make baby hats for a program at my local hospital. They are so cute, and so easy! (Rav link)

I’ve made 4 so far and I’m working on a 5th one… and there’s still yarn left!

I’ll be linking up with Ginny (Small Things) for Yarn-Along today! Happy Wednesday!