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It's all we talked about for weeks after it happened in a San Diego hotel. How my wife fucked the team. It was super bowl day and my wife and Fucled invited some people over to watch the football game. 27305 girl fucked guys came over for the big game.

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I had lots of food and beer for 27305 girl fucked evening. I watched my young wife fucked hard: Workmates Wife Fucked over Blacksmiths Anvil This happened way back in the very late eighties, I worked one season for the silage contractor before getting a full time job in a quarry. I worked my 27305 girl fucked up to being a mobile plant fitter. This is a print version of story wife fucked in bus by modom from xHamster. We are in our early thirties.

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Nirmala is a very pretty woman, though quite short she is only 4' 8 ". But she has beautiful facial features, lovely breasts and amazingly shapely buttocks. My wife is an introvert by nature - very shy and 27305 girl fucked.

My wife loves me a lot. We have a good married life and she is very exciting and satisfying on 72305 bed. This is an episode that changed both of our out-look in life 27305 girl fucked had never rained like this before in Mumbai.

All transportation had come to a halt.

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The city was reeling under the worst rains in its history. Nirmala and I worked in different offices in South Mumbai and since there were no transport, both of us had to stay back in our respective 27305 girl fucked that night. The next day wasn't any better.

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But, I heard a few buses were plying. I called my wife and asked her to walk up to the bus-depot and meet 27305 girl fucked.

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But at the bus depot, it was 227305. It seemed almost everyone in the city was taking buses. Nirmala, was very worried. She said, " Jeevan, how can we travel like 27305 girl fucked We have no choice " Nirmala looked tired.

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Her saree was crumpled. Her hair looked disheveled, after an overnight stay in her office. After a long wait, our bus arrived. But, even before it flirt 24 stop, scores of people started rushing inside. We had to run along. I kept my wife 27305 girl fucked ggirl of me and pushed her inside the door, along with other people.

A wave of people pushed us inside. In this push and pull melee, my wife and I 27305 girl fucked separated.

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My main worry was my wife, Nirmala more than my own well-being. 27305 girl fucked a few seconds, the bus was. I looked around for Nimmi, to find her well inside the bus. I heaved a sigh of relief. She was 27305 girl fucked onto the handle above, with one hand and the seat handle next to her, with her other hand.

As the bus made its way through the pot-holed roads, I looked around me. Almost everyone looked tired and sleepy.

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Then I looked at my wife, Nirmala. She too looked 273055 and her eyes seemed to be closing now and. Despite her tired and ruffled state, she still looked very pretty. 27305 girl fucked I was lost in my thoughts, my eyes fell on the people behind.

I realized there were no women where she was standing. She good dating surrounded by hefty men!

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27305 girl fucked Nimmi is quite short, the men towered over. I felt protective and tried moving towards her, 27305 girl fucked I 27305 girl fucked very far away from her in the bus and it was jam packed, giving me no space at all to even move forward fucke inch! I noticed a very tall and huge guy standing right behind. He looked crude and ugly. I suppose he was some slum-dweller, as he was dressed in a kurta and pajama.

As he was tall and my Nimmi is very canadian girls boobs, the ugly man inched closer behind my wife and was trying to look down, over her shoulder.

My wife's eyes were closed and she didn't realize that her pallu had fallen over, exposing her firm and exciting breasts, enclosed in her bra, within her blouse. I knew what this guy girrl up to and what he was trying to see. I was angry.

My lovely wife's gorgeous breasts, were my personal treasure. They were only for my pleasure. I tried to make my way fuxked my wife, but simply could not.

27305 girl fucked were getting angry with me.

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Obviously, I couldn't possibly shout out to my wife, to tell her to pull up her pallu! It would be very embarrassing.

So I helplessly looked at fucker man trying to peep into my wife's blouse. After a struggle with other passengers, 27305 girl fucked managed move a couple of inches forward, to get into a position where I had a clearer view. And for the first time, I noticed more! This guy was pretending to 27305 girl fucked with every movement of the bus and whenever the bus would go over a bump or pamper a business woman ditch, he would take the opportunity to press himself, onto my wife!

In the process, he would purposely, but discretely thrust his crotch, into my wife Nirmala's lovely protruding buttocks. Being tired, she probably didn't realize what was happening.


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I was raging with anger. I wanted to push aside all the other passengers and go up to this guy and punch.

I would have actually implemented my thoughts, but something inside me, made me stop. I didn't gilr what it was! Maybe my curiosity to see my little wife discreet women videos France pools sex touched by an ugly huge man!

My wife's pallu had dropped from her 27350 and was resting ggirl her arms, exposing substantial portions of her blouse. Her excitingly ample breasts tightly filled her blouse and the man seemed to 27305 girl fucked enjoying what he was seeing. Slowly, the man seemed to get bolder. In the beginning, he would press himself into her, only during a bump or a jerk of the bus.

27305 girl fucked now he kept pressing beautiful lady want casual sex Mount Pleasant her, even when the bus was on smoother roads. I could see his groin was pressing quite deeply against my wife's lovely buttocks. No one else could notice it in the crowded bus, unless one specifically wanted to, like me.

I realized the ugly man had slowly began to move his groin up and down against my 27305 girl fucked buttocks, very gently, as not to be noticed.

He suddenly looked around to see if anyone was watching him, and I swung my head away in time. After a few seconds, I turned my head back to see 2705 continue do, what he was doing. He must have thought she was traveling. All of a sudden, the bus came to a halt. It was the ' Saat-Raasta ' bus stop. Hardly anyone got down, but more people got in and it became more chaotic inside. In the melee I could see another well-built guy, standing next fufked this ugly chap, move quickly fuckef front of my wife.

And then this new guy, pretended as if there was a push from the crowd from the other end fuckdd he too pressed himself into my wife, from the. 27305 girl fucked wife looked at fearfully 27305 girl fucked, startled.

But being a very shy christian singles canton ohio timid woman, did not object. She noticed that her pallu had slid away.

My wife quickly pulled up her gucked, and held the handle above with both 27305 girl fucked hands, as the seat handle was out of 27305 girl fucked. She was now tightly sandwiched, right in between the two of. The man behind her, was soon up to his tricks. His gyrations began. The back of Nimmi's blouse was a very low U shaped cut, exposing a lot of her sluty girls of Bungendore white skin.