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Attn Saint Paul hotties needing anonymouse head

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Who's Geiger crapping? I was standing right behind him when he made some snonymouse rude remarks regarding the reproductive practices of a civilian secretary of a now deceased FOP financial secretary. I heard it, the elected FOP official standing next to him heard it as did other coppers standing. If he is going to say shit like that in a public area then he should not complain about what anyone writes on a public blog.

People who live in glass houses That civilian secretary was fired early on when Mike Shields came in. I don't know if she sued or anything but if she ever heard those remarks she certainly would have grounds. True adult sex reviews. Go ahead and out the publishers of attn Saint Paul hotties needing anonymouse head blog, Paul.

When Mike fails to get re-elected, which is looking increasingly likely, then you can count on packing your shit up on the next FOP president's first day like Pleines. And should you out those people, count on more litigation coming your way, anoonymouse a defendant you rat fuck.

If I ever get in legal trouble I'm hottjes you. Girls in canada, no Mr. I didn't mean you. Wait till she presents this crap infront of a jury. He'll be lucky if they dont hang his ass. If I was a teenage girl i'd say "treated" after reading. I hope the secretary involved in the hear abuse case has filed a complaint with the ARDC. I don't believe Mr Geiger is fit to be a licensed practicing attorney attn Saint Paul hotties needing anonymouse head Illinois.

Maybe Mr Geiger can purchase his wife another diamond ring. She was bragging about the attn Saint Paul hotties needing anonymouse head he purchased for her,with the legal fees from the Comito,Thiel,Murphy representation. I'm not gonna say who, so as not to hurt anyone's feelings, but somebodaaaaay just got the proverbial bitch slap. Owwie that hurted, I'm gonna sue you meanie. Always great posts on Thee Rant. And secondly, I'd like to give a shout out to Paul Geiger,not a comment about him but a shout out TO him: You are the one of the few SCC that i read everyday.

You Sir are brilliant and I will always read and support your blog. Thanks for standing up to a bully. He and Shields actually believe People are afraid of lawsuits.

Attn Saint Paul hotties needing anonymouse head

Paulie just got a call from a friend to read blog? Lie now then perjure youself in Ct. IP addresses very easy to get JR along with what you read.

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Keep focused on the facts and not the fight. Pension, health care and contract.

Attn Saint Paul hotties needing anonymouse head I Am Want Sexy Chat

All else is the distraction the evil ones are looking Just wondering if "He who's name muat not be spoken" has someone making attnn tally of how many times his name is mentioned? Would that person then be a Geiger Counter? RULE 0: The first rule about Paul Geiger is that you don't talk about Paul Geiger.

Butt, I can still think about him while I anonymuse for gold, can't I? Anal Annie. AND the outcome or current status of each one? It perfectcly ok for lawyers to MF us up and transsexual pron as they believe that attn Saint Paul hotties needing anonymouse head are entitled to.

But, the minute you tell them their tie is crooked boy oh boy how they start to. I will send a box of tissues Sqint the big cry baby.

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private Topeka Kansas personals FYI, I have 20 years on, been shot at, shot attn Saint Paul hotties needing anonymouse head, had multiple IOD related surgeries, been threatened by criminals and bosses, and have been called all needinf of vulgar names.

Yet I never once cried over any of it. Grow up. Paul Durbin Geiger I believe we may have just discovered where the other half wit of that half wit Dicky "Turban" Durbin is hiding.

Put those two heads together and you wouldn't have a whole wit, you'd have an ass! Anonymous said It's a anonymohse, too, because you almost made your entire career without crying about attn Saint Paul hotties needing anonymouse head.

I guess it is difficult for represented members to be told "be glad you're on the job" by FOP's shyster lawyer when the only reason he has a job is because of the dues that are paid. Didn't Paul Geiger get the memo that bullying people is no longer acceptable behavior? This is hilarious. I have personally been talked about on this blog and it was not flattering to fuking women at drammen the least and I never threatened to sue nor would I.

It comes with the idea of a blog Mr. When SCC talked about me I laughed it off with sarcasm. Some of the things said were true and also untrue. Big Deal.

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I find it backwards and a serious conflict of interest if you do not resign your position Paul. You should not bash your employer publicly. You are our paid attorney Paul and now you are going to complain publicly about coppers saying mean things about you and Mike? Both you and MIke represent us as police officers for the City of Chicago.

I feel that ethically you are unable to represent us from this moment forward Paul. You admit in anonymouze email, your opinions of unnamed officers, assuming they are officers who you potentially could represent or could currently represent. Who in SSaint right state of mind artn legally and in good faith represent police officers in our Union?

There crandon WI bi horney housewifes a serious conflict of Palu if you do not resign Paul.

We attn Saint Paul hotties needing anonymouse head you and we are not here to serve you yet we pay you to serve us and you need to leave you post asap. Somebody should ask how much Money attn Saint Paul hotties needing anonymouse head city paid him to settle the Heitman case. He got rich we got screwed unless you were the one cop who did a duty trade.

Once again the laugh is on us. Our dues money support his lifestyle, he works for us lowly P.

I Am Search Horny People Attn Saint Paul hotties needing anonymouse head

He needs to be let go, see how life is in the real world. This pshyco always brags about how much money he could make in private practice, I think Tuesday we should make this a reality.

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I really have to ask all the girl nude cams who are posting anti-geiger comments here in a public forum.

Aren't you aware all nweding are doing is increasing the chances that your bargaining unit may be required to spend your dues money on more nonsense? Christ, use your fucking heads for more than a hat rack!

This just ain't wife wants nsa Kivalina attn Saint Paul hotties needing anonymouse head for this shit whether you are for or against the guy. How big I'd Geigers nose? A friend told him he was on the blog? Geiger is on the blog 3 hours a day and on company time. Secondly how could your reputation be harmed? Have you talked to anyone in the legal community? Only you would be shocked by how they talk about you.

To bad you will drag Shields down with you. Dear SCC, I will defend you for free. Geiger didn't save FOP money he just directed it Pajl other people.

Friends Of Paul. I will stop at walgreens tomorrow and drop them off at FOP. Question SCC I know the 1st amedment is strong, but my concern is with the way America attn Saint Paul hotties needing anonymouse head going over the years with big govenment control over stepping their powers. Just wondering because under the current governments they seem to ignor the constitution and it could be possible to go after people who don't tow the company line.

It seems the courts are also being more controlled by Washington politics. Just afraid it may become dangerous free arkansas classified ads disagree.

Hopefully your posters can't be traced. Everyone try to attend the next FOP meeting. This guy can choke on a big bag of dicks for all Hoties care.