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It has ranked among the top ten irritating TV ads of all time. What few people realized at the time was that the tag line came close to describing a beautiul type of discrimination. But beautiful women do face other challenges; a study published just the year before the Pantene ad ran showed that beautiful women i worked with women often beautiful women i worked with discrimination when applying for managerial jobs—with beauty somehow being equated with reduced authority or even competence.

Neither did a study she herself conducted in which showed that the effect applied to a wide range of jobs normally thought of as masculine.

But a new study Johnson and two colleagues just published in worker journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes does tackle the question more directly. The improbable-sounding conclusion: Simple as.

Well, not quite that simple. The applications included photos, and the female applicant was either unusually attractive or unusually unattractive—qualities evaluated by an independent crowdsourcing group.

In some cases, the attractive woman made no reference to either her appearance or her gender in the written application. With the unattractive woman, referencing gender directly made no difference—but referencing appearance made them less likely than average to be hired.

The study does have holes—rather gaping ones, actually. For one thing, the construction industry is not l typical of the field in which gender bias usually plays.

Still, as a starting point, her research has value, and she does appear to be onto.

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The takeaway message, she argues, is not that you should feel sorry for good-looking women, since attractive people, both male and female, have all sorts of advantages overall. Contact us at editors time.

Physical attractive ought not work against you—but in HR offices it. By Michael D. Lemonick October 10,

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